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Mod Gives Cloud The Keyblade In Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake has received many unique mods, comprising cosmetic alterations to gameplay changes. Recently, one standout mod that can be seen as a fusion of both umbrella avenues is by user ColossalCake, depicting protagonist Cloud Strife with the iconic Kingdom Key.


This weapon was actually made from scratch to fit Final Fantasy VII Remake's world better, as its size should reflect. In fact, the sheer difference in size between this recreation and the Kingdom Key in Kingdom Hearts proper has to do with it mimicking the hitboxes of Cloud's weapons in-game. However, the sound effects emitted from the Kingdom Key here are cleverly taken from Kingdom Hearts III.

Regarding gameplay incorporations, the Kingdom Key houses four unique Materia slots, which, for those unaware, are essentially ways to customize weapon builds. Additionally, it can replace either the Buster Sword or Mythril Blade weapons for Cloud.


Lastly of note is that aside from ColossalCake performing the mod's texture and modeling work, the following individuals also provided noteworthy contributions of their own:

If you'd like to download this impressive mod and/or view additional screenshots, check out its dedicated Nexus Mods page

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