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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. Saren felt there was no ground where he stepped and immediately fell through the ground. "Agh!" he yelled. he finally hit something after a minute of falling, he hit the ground. "Nyagh." he groaned, he opened his eyes to see a very familiar man. "So you got through your first world, independently." he said, Saren slowly got up. "What?" "All those other times... it was just your friends who did the work, that irritating ninja, that traitor... and dark girl." he said, Saren thought for a moment. "wait... you mean Joe, Alex, and Azura?" he asked. the older Saren smiled. "Yes, them." he said, he took a couple steps. "your starting to remember... quite puzzling your predicament is." he said. Saren took a couple steps. "I never knew them before... what are you saying?" saren asked. he smiled. "That your memories are a lie." he said, he opened a door and walked out. Saren felt his head for a moment. "I... I almost forgot..." he said, he hurried outside through the door to see the man is gone.
  2. Sarem stepped towards him. "What? what do you mean?" he asked. Eraqus sighed. "The real Eraqus died years ago... I'm a figment of your imagination." he said sitting back against the wal, Saren looked at the keyblade. "You didn't know what ERaqus' keyblade looked like... so you made an educated guess." he said, Saren knelt down beside him. "I... Why di you let me do that?" he asked. 'eraqus' chuckled. "To teach you a lesson, you only saw Eraqus once... in the keyhole in the real world... it's not my fault I became Eraqus... but you wanted Guidance... someone to help you... but you must understand that the only way to survive in the dream realm is to trust only yourself..." he said. Saren looked down. "I... thank you." he said, Eraqus nodded. HE slowly nudged his hand towards the keyhole. "That's how you progress... find the keyhole, proceed to the next world." he said. Saren stepped towards it. "but... don't leave me hanging." he said. Saren saw the man breath heavily. his hand went to the blade of the fake keyblade he hnaded the handle towards Saren. "Please... end the pain." the figment said. Saren swallowed and slowly took the keyblade. Eraqus closed his eyes still breathing, Saren sweated and then immediately stabbed into the man. his breathing stiffened and finally ceased. Saren gulped, the figment started fading away and finally dissipeared. he sighed and then looked at the keyhole. he pointed his keyblade towards it, they both glowed and a blue beam intersected them both, it glowed the died down, a door opened. Saren looked at it and slowly stepped towards it.
  3. Saren stepped back, ERaqus took a step towards him and immediately closed the distance slashing with his blade, Saren immediately blocked and countered slicing through. Saren breathed heavily. "I...." he said. Eraqus knelt to the ground breathing, he then looked at Saren. "You've... you are a master if you can even fight me on my orders." the man breathed, his hand moved to reveal a large wound, Saren's eyes widened. "I..." "Relax Saren... I'm not even real." Eraqus simply said.
  4. Saren slowly touched the keyhole. "What is this?" he asked. he then heard Eraqus walk in. "you made it." he said, sarne turned. "Master, why haven't sealed the keyhole yourself?" he asked. ERaqus then summoned his keyblade, well it sorta seemed like Eraqus' keyblade, albet differences. he immeiately shot a spore of light towards Saren who jumped back. "What the hell?" Eraqus smirked. "This is a test, you found the keyhole... but its time you prove to me you are truely a master." he said, he immediately slashed at Saren who dodged. "I won't fight you, we're on the same side." he said. Eraqus took a couple short paces. "But I must know for certain."
  5. HE fell to the ground, breathing heavily, it went dark. Saren got up, he sighed then looked around the room, nothing had changed. 'hm... hopefully the keyhole's here.' he thought to himself, trying not to think of Saren. 'guy just appeared... I should be stronger.' he thought to himself. he stepped forwrd, then felt himself fall. "Agh!" he yelled. everything went dark again. Saren immediately sat up panting. "I... that was... a dream?" he asked getting up. he looked around, the room was exactly the same, he carefully stepped forward and scanned the floor. 'No... no pitholes here.' he thought to himself. he leaned on a leg to touch the ground, he sighed. "a dream... nothing more." he thought to himself. he looked around the room and saw a keyhole imprint on the wall.
  6. Saren took a couple steps through the room. he waved the torch around. "Can't see anything." he said. he stepped forward and saw someone, a black cloaked man. "You have arrived." he said, Saren looked at him. "Your..." the man pulled his hood down. "Saren." he simply said, the original one. the younger one stepped back. "But your..." "dead? does it matter... I'm just as real to you... as long as people remember me... I'm immortal." he said. Saren(good one) stepped back, the taller one laughed. "Even a memory of me will keep you away." he said. his yellow eyes watched him. he chuckled, then sighed. "But I'm not the one you should worry about... not yet." he said, dissipearing into a portal. Saren breathed. "I'm keeping him alive... what's wrong with me?" he asked.
  7. Saren looked at Eraqus, then the door closed, it was dark. Saren sighed an summoned his keyblade, he casted fire and then saw an unlit torch, he set it on fire and then picked it up and dismissed his keyblade, "that's better." he said. he started walking down the stairs, the catacombs seemed to have no light at all, as well as unused for a long time. 'suprised Eraqus didn't come down her to handle the keyhole himself.' he thought to himself. the wallks had images all over them. 'intresting place...' he thought. he finally reached the bottom floor where the stairs stopped. "HEre I am... where's that keyhole?" he asked looking around.
  8. Saren followed the man. "in order to traverse the worlds in the dream realm, you must find the key to sleep." he said, Saren looked at him. "When you find it the world will be able to be restored once more, and you can then move onto the next one." he said, Saren nodded. "Another way would simply be to use a rider to leave, but you lack the armor." he said, Saren looked at his shoulder and sighed. "How do I find the key?' he asked. Eraqus moved to the side, there was a door. "This door leads to the catacombs of this world. Traverse through them and you'll find it." he said. Saren nodded. "okay." he said, eh walked towards the door.
  9. Saren looked at Eraqus. "Limbo?" he asked. the man sighed. "If say you took drugs to force yourself to sleep, then dying in the dream would not awaken you... and you wold be in limbo..." eh said. Saren sighed. "and I suppose Limbo, is this sorta messed up dimension where nothing makes sense?" he asked, Eraqus slightly nodded. "Yes, now if you were to die here, and I presume your sleep was forced... you would not awaken..." he said. Saren staired at him. (creates a plot point, dying in this world is worse then dying in the real world, so if you sacrifice yourself to save another, this would be worth more grain of salt than in real life) "how did you-" "I've seen inception before." Saren said, Eraqus nodded. "right... well I have other things to tell you."
  10. Saren nodded, they walked into the castle, and walked towards the throne. "In this realm, the impossible is poossible." eh said. Saren nodded. "and the possible is also possible." he said. Saren nodded. "I see... and these monsters?" he asked. "Dream eaters, they wreak havok on this realm... not that many have been here because there's been not to many travelers here to stir things up." he said slightly grinning. Saren nodded. "so if we're sleeping... how do we wake up?" he asked, Eraqus sighed. "I do not know... but if you were to die here... let's just say it's not pretty." he said. Saren looked at him. "What do you mean?" he asked. "If you were to die here, without being able to escape the your sleep... then you would be put in limbo." he said. Saren staired at him. "What?" (had to drop the inception bomb)
  11. Eraqus nodded. "Yes, that I know as well." he said, he took a couple steps. "So... I thought this world was destroyed... by Ezio." he said. Eraqus looked at him. "Yes... but far from gone... this world can be restored however." he said. Saren looked at him. "But... if this world is destroyed, how am I here?" he asked. Eraqus slightly chuckled. "You are dreaming." he said. Saren staired at him. "What?" he asked. "As long as this world exists in your memory, or in others, it can never die, as well as an ideal and such." he said. Saren looked at him. "So your saying... when I enterred the energy spike with the others... we were sent to nap?" he asked. Eraqus sighed. "I suppose..." he said. Saren then sighed. "But... then you... how are you here? I doubt you would be here for thousands of years." he said. Eraqus nodded. "Has it really been that long... in here it's ten times that much." he said. Saren slowly nodded. "But then... what do you mean?" he asked. Eraqus chuckled. "You'll understand soon enough." he said. Saren sighed. "Now come, it's time I tell you about the dream realm." he said.
  12. Saren immediately slashed through one, then kicked another away, the creatures rushed towards him as he slashed through one. he jumped back and used strike raid. after a couple minutes the battle was over. "That was impressive." a voice said, Saren turned to see a man with black hair, a matching beard and gotee, and scars. Saren stepped towards him. "Who are you?" he asked. the man breathed. "I look over this world, my name is master Eraqus." he said, Saren's eyes widened. "As in... the teacher of Aqua, Ventus and Terra?" he asked. Eraqus looked at him. "Yes, it's been a long time since I taught them." he said. he took a couple steps. "And I know of you... Saren?" he asked. Saren nodded. "I learned from Aqua." he said. Eraqus nodded.
  13. Saren walked out the door and was outside, it was dark out. "No sun?" he asked. he then looked around and saw that the grass was dead. "But... it's been night for a long time then." he said. he saw no stars, just the moon. 'the worlds... I can't see them...' he thought to himself. he then heard footsteps and turned. shadows grouped around him. they walked into the moonmlight to reveal strange creatures, not like the heartless or nobodies... colorful however. Saren summoned his keyblade.
  14. Saren looked around the room. 'this... this is the throne room, where the residing master sits.' he thught to himself, he instantly remembered Joe who was so conservative to keep the world the same. 'Didn't matter in the long run... world got destroyed.' he thought to himself. this world seemed different, Saren looked at his hands. "I'm all alone... am i dead?" he asked. he sighed then raised his hand to summon a dark corridor, nothing. "Curious..." he simply said. he raised his hand and a keyblade formed. 'I still got this.' hwe thought to himself. he saw the door that lead outside, he opened it and slipped out.
  15. Saren felt like he was falling, the phone he had dissipeared in his grip... everything went dark. he felt like he was sleeping, waiting to get up, but not wanting to. he slowly opened his eyes and then stood up. "where... am I?" he asked. it was some sort of dark place. he took a couple steps, and almost tripped, feeling lighter. "What the..." he asked. he looked around. He then saw a man with a hood, Saren stepped towards him. "You've awakened..." the man's dark cold voice said. Saren staired at him. "Awakened... to watch the ashes." the man said in an engaged tone, his hood fell to reveal familiar Silver hair, he stepped towards Saren with a keyblade much like his own. Saren immedaitely fell back, and then in a flash he sat up. "Woah...." he said, trying to catch his breath. the world was different now, now he's in the Land of Departure... except different... but how? he slowly got up. "I was... dreaming..." he said. he stared at his hands. (Saren just had an inception moment, a dream within a dream) "But... I thought this world was destroyed..." he said.
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