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  1. NICE! James Woods is awesome!! Cant imagine anyone else doing Hades. This probably means English VA is in full swing.
  2. I love how with all the failures on the PS4 vid's the users are thoroughly describing what's wrong with the system, meanwhile the XB videos are literally just showing the failures at rapid speed, straight to the point.
  3. I just wanna fight darth vader as sora is that too much to ask edit: with a light saber keyblade
  4. We could finally see a story trailer by jump festa, other than that we might have to wait until E3. Dem fancy cgi trailers take quite a bit of time to make.
  5. Absolutely, it would make a great system-seller. But then again, Square & good ideas don't go together too often.
  6. I can handle merman Sora & Riku singing.
  7. We still need a proper story trailer. I'd put my money on Jump Festa.
  8. You know, these? ---> http://kh13.com/zenphoto/wallpapers/square-enix-gangan/ Are they discontinued or something? I was looking forward to the rest of August/September
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