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  1. Can u give me the link 4 the pics like the Saïx on ur sig that move by them selves plez

  2. It's called "abuse of power" when no rules are broken~ Hence I'm still not banned? Seriously, 'tf? Whatever little girl. You win. I'll stop spamming your beloved insults~<3
  3. Lol. Like, usually I'd just get seriously pissed off. But this just made me...unreasonably sad. ): Must be the awful impersonation. :
  4. Ooh~ the irony~ But of course you knew I'd react...sadly, yes~?
  5. While you're at it, could you fix in a tv in there for me? I get awfully bored when you're at school~<3
  6. I'm sorry~~! D: I'll bring the fuzzy pink handcuffs next time~ ;D
  7. Hullo Luzzeekinz~~~<333 *glomps* Sorry I haven't been on msn lately~! D:
  8. Blown! That's, like, in forever~! I'm gonna be so bored til then! D: 3
  9. Obviously. So when does this Lady Koko gal sign on? Do you know?
  10. Point ignored, for way point is presented is boring. Is there no excitement here anymore?
  11. Thats a given, though. Regardless of voices, Tis still lame.
  12. That's rough, man. That's real rough. Doesnt change the fact I don't care~ :
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