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  1. Kingdom Hearts: The Abridged Project (Episode 4) Sora: Hey kids! Guess what!? [screen stays on Sora but you hear a deep, over exaggerated man's voice coming from off-screen] Voice: Whaaat!? Sora: We're going to be doing a very super-amazing-totally-not-a-cheap-knock-off-because-we-couldn't-think-of-anything-else episode! Voice: What's it about? Sora: I'm glad you asked, small child! It's about music! Voice: Moo-sic? Sora: That's right! Music! We're gonna have a singing competition episode! Voice: Uhhh... Sora: So after the episode, go to the comment section below and tell us what you want your favorite cast member to sing! If they know it...and it isn't gay- [shows a picture of the Jonas brother's with a red
  2. Kingdom Hearts: The Abridged Project (Episode 3) [black screen starts the episode saying
  3. Kingdom Hearts: The Abridged Project (Episode 2) [A black screen appears and the subtitles to Sora's voice over begin] Sora (Voice Over): Tonight's episode is all about equality for all people. Men, women, gay, straight, black, Jewish...uhhh, Latin...Puerto Rican, maybe. Ummm...black? Yeah. Aw, who am I kidding...get on with the racism! [intro] Selphie: Hey Kairi! Remember that time we did that thing? Kairi: With that thing? Selphie: And he had that big thing? Kairi: That thing was disgusting! Selphie: I know, right!? I wouldn't touch that thing with a ten foot pole! [sora comes in] Sora: Hey guys. Selphie: Hey Sora, we were just talking about you! Sora: Reeeally? [sora's mind drifts off] Selphie: Hey Kairi! Remember that time we did Sora!? Kairi: Oh yeah! And he did that thing! Selphie: And he had that big penis!? Kairi: That thing was disgusting-ly huge! Selphie: I know, right!? I'd totally touch that with my ten foot hole. [Comes back to reality] Sora: Yep, that's how it happened. Selphie: Uhhh... Kairi: Sora, what are you even doing here? Sora: Actually, I'm looking for the plot, have you seen it? Kairi: I think Riku took it and had sex with it. Sora: And yet, I'm not surprised. [scene randomly changes to Sora standing on the pier where it is dark and storming] Sora: How in the hell did I get here? Did we just skip a half-hour with of gameplay? [sora turns and sees Riku] Sora: Riku!? What are you doing here? Riku: The door...has opened... Sora: What? Riku: The door has opened, Sora! Sora: Did you break in to our supply of shrooms? Riku: The door...has opened... Sora: Yeah...I got that. Riku: The door has opened, Sora! Sora: JESUS CHRIST, I GOT IT! ...wait...where's the plot? I thought it was with you! Riku: The plot's coming with us! Sora: Oh okay. Riku: This may be our only chance...we may never see our parents again. Sora: We have parents? [Cuts to a scene where Sora is on his bed] Sora's Mom: Dumbass, dinner is ready, come on down! Dumbass? [Cuts back to Sora] Sora: Oh yeah. Riku: Are you coming? Sora: Just so long as I don't have to grab your hand in a really dramatic slow-mo sequence. [Cuts to the scene where Riku is in the ocean and Sora reaches for him] Riku: Dammit Sora! Stop using flashbacks for filler! That's Naruto's job! Sora: Sorry. [Riku reaches his hand out] Sora: I f*cking knew it! [sora reaches and misses his hand] Sora: Dammit! [Riku is absorbed into the darkness] [sora stands on the pier] Sora: Okay, this is a bunch of bullshit! I am calling my manager tomorrow and- [A giant key appears in his hand] Sora: Shiny! [Random subtitles appear] (So much to do...so little time) Sora: What the...? (Are you prepared) Sora: Am I supposed to be able to hear you or... (Dammit Sora....just answer the question) Sora: No. (Sora...) Sora: No! (That's it Sora, you're grounded!) Sora: So!? (No Playstation 3 for a month! And as for your phone, forget about it!) Sora: Nooo! (Okay, I can't be that mean) Sora: Phew... (Yes I can...GROUNDED!) Sora: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! (Hahahaha!) Sora: ...you're a dick! [Heartless pop up] Sora: Well, this sucks. [sora attacks a few, then the screen goes black] [A caption appears saying
  4. Kingdom Hearts: The Abridged Project (Episode 1) [sora's eyes open lazily, looking up towards the sky. He then looks up and is startled by Kairi] Sora: Ah! Bitch! -Oh hey, Kairi. Kairi: Sora, you lazy bum, I knew I'd find you snoozing down here. Sora: So? Kairi: Sora, you laaaaazy bum. Sora: Hey Kairi, wanna play a game called
  5. EPISODE 2 [isa and Leon fight, Leon is striking as hard as possible] Isa: Leon! W-what's gotten into you? Leon: Shut up! [Leon strikes Isa's weapon] Isa: Ah! Stop! [isa swings at Leon] Leon: Hahahaha! You're finished! [Leon jumps up and tries to bring the sword down on top of Isa, but Isa strikes him before he strikes Isa, knocking him back and defeating him] [Crowd is whispering] Crowd: [You hear certain words in the crowd] What....demon....is he okay....killing....who won? [Leon starts to move a bit and the crowd goes silent] Isa: L-Leon? Lea: DON'T GET TOO CLOSE, ISA! [isa approaches Leon] Isa: It's okay Lea... [isa continues to approach] Isa: Le-ah! [Leon's body raises up in the air and drops back down into a standing position] Isa: Are you...okay? [Leon's eyes slowly open, they are back to their original color but black smoke still covers his eyes] Isa: Darkness... [The smoke disappears and Leon passes out, falling to the ground] [Crowd gasps] Isa & Lea: LEON! [Lea jumps up onto the stage and runs over to Leon and Isa] Tournament Proctor: Uh, um...we're...uh...having some technical difficulties here, folks! Lea: Leon, you all right pal? [Leon's eyes open slightly] Leon: What...happened? Lea: I dunno. You started freaking out on Isa, then you passed out. Isa: The darkness. [Leon and Lea look at Isa] Leon: What? Isa: I dunno what exactly happened...but whatever it was, it was dark. Tournament Proctor: Hey, kid...you okay? [Leon nods] Tournament Proctor: All right. The winner of the match and the tournament, is ISA! [Crowd cheers] [The proctor walks over with a trophy that has three colored crystals on it] Tournament Proctor: Congratulations, Isa. You fought well. [The proctor hands him the trophy] [isa takes it] Isa: Thank you. Lea: Woa-ho! That's pretty neat! [isa pulls it away] Isa: It's also mine. [Lea motions Isa to calm down] Lea: All right, all right...I was just looking. [Lea turns away] Lea: I don't want your trophy, anyway! Isa: Here. [Lea turns around and a red crystal is thrown at him] Lea: What's this? Isa: It's for you. You deserve it. [isa breaks off the blue one and puts it in his pocket] [isa breaks off the green one] Isa: Here, Leon. This one's for yo- [Leon is nowhere to be found] Lea: Leon? [Lea and Isa look around] Isa: Guess he's gone. What am I gonna do with this one? [Lea snatches it out of Isa's hand] Isa: What are you doing? Lea: Let's give it to Ventus! Isa: I suppose that's not a horrible idea. Lea: C'mon! Let's take it to him. Isa: Yeah. [The camera takes and aerial view and pulls away from Lea and Isa walking towards Ventus's direction] [The scene transitions to a dark, wet, dripping cave] [The camera lowers on a boy with his face in his knees, sobbing] [You hear heavy foot steps] [The boy looks up and it is revealed that it is Leon] Leon: H-hello? Who's there? [Footsteps grow louder and closer] Leon: Hello? [Footsteps stop] ???: Hello Leon. [Camera is now outside a sewer] Leon: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! [scene transitions to Lea and Isa walking through Radiant Garden] Lea: Man, I can't find him anywhere! What if he was just a figment of my imagination? Isa: I doubt that's the case, I saw him too. [suddenly a flying device carrying someone in armor shoots into the sky and disappears] [Lea looks at Isa] Lea: You don't think...? Isa: I believe it was. [Lea looks at the crystal] Lea: (Okay, Ven. I'll hold onto this for ya'.) [Camera zooms in on the crystal and fades out] [scene transition] [Lea is laying on a roof at night, with Isa sitting] Lea: Where do you think he went? Isa: Ven? Lea: Yeah. [isa looks to the sky] Isa: Somewhere far from here. Lea: Another world? Isa: If there are any...I'd assume so. [Lea pulls the crystal out and holds it toward the moon and it sparkles] Lea: The moon. Isa: It's pretty. [Cups it into hand] Lea: Let's find him. [isa looks at him] Isa: What? [Lea sits up] Lea: Yeah! Let's get out of here. We'll go find Ven! [isa looks down] Isa: Lea... Lea: C'mon! [isa shakes his head] Isa: He didn't belong here. And you don't belong out there. But I gotta ask...what's your fascination with this guy anyway? [Lea looks down] Lea: I don't know. He was a cool guy, and...I felt a connection with him. Isa: A connection? Lea: Yeah! Like...he and I had met before. Like I had always known him. Isa: Well, I know that's not the case. I've been your friend since birth. We've always been together. I'd remember Ventus if you had met him before. Lea: Still. There's something about him. And I gotta find out what it is. [isa stands up] Isa: Well, you can play detective tomorrow. It's late, let's turn in. [Lea stands up as well] Lea: Yeah. [isa climbs down the roof ladder] [Lea takes one last look at the crystal and stuffs it in his pocket] Lea: Ventus...I promise I'll get this to you. [Lea climbs down the ladder] [The camera pulls away from the ladder and directs towards the moon, then fades out] [scene transition] [The next day, Lea and Isa are standing outside their apartment] [Lea stretches and yawns] Lea: Hm...it seems like I had something to do today. [Lea and Isa think] Lea: Oh! I gotta go to work! Isa: Better hurry up or you'll be late. Lea: Right! [Lea runs as fast as possible to a little weapons shack] [Lea runs up, winded and bent over] Lea: H-hey...Bellin. Sorry I'm late. I kinda forgot I had work today. Bellin: Not like I'm very surprised! You're always late. Lea: Hey! At least I show up, period. Bellin: You need to start showing up ON TIME! Or else- Lea: You'll be fired. Yeah, yeah I know. We go through this all time. Bellin: Just go to the storage room and take inventory. Lea: Right. [Walks to back room, casually waving Bellin off] [Lea walks into a room with shelves filled with boxes] Lea: Let's see. Potions, Hi-Potions, Elixers...uh...wait. [Lea loses count and starts over] Lea: Potions, Hi-Potions, Elixe- [Throws hands up] Lea: This is hopeless! Wait, maybe if I wrote it down. [Reaches in pocket and pulls out a sheet of paper] [Lea looks at the paper oddly, then looks up] Lea: Wait a minute... [Lea reaches back in his pocket] Lea: What? Where's the crystal? [Lea pulls both of his pockets inside out] Lea: Maybe it fell out of my pocket. I bet Isa picked it up. [Lea looks back at the paper] Lea: Dang. No pencil. [Lea walks out of the room, looking at the paper] Lea: Hey Bellin, I need a pencil. You got one? [There is no reply] Lea: Bellin? [still no reply] [Lea looks around] [bellin yells from outside] Bellin: NO! GET AWAY! Lea: Bellin? [Lea throws the paper down and runs out] [bellin is on the ground being attacked by Unversed] Bellin: Lea! Help me! [Lea draws weapons] Lea: Get off of him! [Lea goes into battle and destroys all but one of the Unversed] Lea: Ha! No match for me! [isa's voice comes from a distance] Isa: Lea! Look out! [Lea looks around] Lea: Huh? [Lea is attacked by a creature, different from an Unversed] Lea: Ah! [Lea is struck down and the creature tries to attack again] [isa jumps in and destroys it] Isa: Lea? [Lea doesn't move] [isa administers a Hi-Potion to Lea, and he wakes up] Isa: You all right? [isa pulls Lea to his feet] Lea: Am now. [Lea looks at Bellin] Lea: Bellin. You okay? [bellin limps back into his store holding his back and whimpering] Lea: Guess that means I'm off work. Isa: Heh. [A voice comes from behind the two] Merlin: That was very shotty work, young man. [Lea and Isa turn to the elderly man in the blue robes and tall pointy hat] Lea: Who are you? Merlin: Why, I'm Merlin. Lea: Who? Merlin: Who!? How dare you- Isa: Merlin is a wizard. Merlin: A fine one, AT THAT. Lea: He looks like some old geezer to me. [Lea turns around and walks away, very unimpressed] [The camera sits in front of Lea's face as he walks, with a blurry Merlin in the background waving his wand] [The camera goes back to Merlin and Isa] Merlin: I'll show YOU an old geezer! Fire! [A fireball flies past Lea's face. Lea stops and his eyes grow wide] [Lea slowly turns around] Merlin: Not so old NOW. Am I? [Lea draws his weapons] Lea: Why you! [Lea charges] Lea: Bring it on, old man! [Lea jumps up to strike but his attack is intercepted by Isa's weapon] Lea: Isa! [isa lowers his weapon] Isa: I'm sorry about my friend. He gets pretty hot-headed. Lea: Do NOT! [Lea folds his arms and pouts] Merlin: Haha! It's quite all right. [Merlin leans down to Isa's ear level] Merlin: He fights like a girl anyway. Lea: What was that, old man? Isa: Down, Lea. [Lea stands down] Lea: He's asking for it... [Merlin steps up, brushing his robe] Merlin: Lea, you need some training. And I'll be the one to do it. Lea: Ha! Why would I train under you? Merlin: You probably want these back, no? [Holds up Lea's weapons] [Lea looks all around himself] Lea: What the- How did you-? Merlin: I AM a wizard, after all. [Merlin tosses back his weapons] Lea: Still why would I wanna train under you? Merlin: If you do...you get THESE! [Merlin uses magic to conjure up two rounded, red and white weapons with white spikes on them] Lea: Woah-ho! Merlin: These chakrams are special. Lea: Oh? Merlin: They're FIRE chakrams. Isa: Great...so you wanna turn Lea into a pyromaniac? Lea: Isa! Isa: Calm down, I'm only joking. Merlin: So, do you want them? Lea: Of course! [The weapons in Lea's hands become engulfed in light and are replaced with the chakrams] Lea: So, what are YOU gonna help me with? They're easy enough to swing around. I don't think I need your help. [Merlin tightens grip on wand] Merlin: I can teach you how to control fire and use it to your advantage. Lea: All right! Merlin: Come this way. [Merlin beckons them into his house] Lea: How do you expect me to train in here? It's too small. Merlin: We won't be training in here! Observe. [Merlin flicks his wand and the three of them are transported to another room. A bigger room that is empty] Merlin: Now THIS is a wonderful place to train! Lea: Yeah it is. [Lea jumps out in the middle of the room and begins flailing himself around with the weapons] [Lea falls over] Merlin: He's no very graceful. Isa: Nope. Merlin: Up with you! [Lea jumps up] Merlin: Are you ready? Lea: Yeah! Give me all you got! No holding back! Merlin: Very well then. [Merlin draws his want and summons 10 Unversed] [Lea gets in battle position and waits for one of them to attack] Lea: Why aren't they moving? Merlin: They're under my control. They won't move unless I tell them to. Isa: You can control the Unversed? How? Merlin: That's for an old wizard to know, my boy. Isa: Right. [Merlin points at one of them] Merlin: Now Lea, I want you to take aim at that one and say the word
  6. EPISODE 1 [black screen] [Voice over beings] Roxas: Wake up...c'mon. Wake up! Axel: Hm? Who's there? Roxas: You couldn't have forgotten already... Axel: Roxas? [intro] [Camera moves in on Lea laying on a bench in Radiant Garden, playing with his weapons, and Isa leaned up against a wall with his eyes closed] Lea: Man...there's nothing to do today! [isa opens eyes but remains leaning] Isa: Perhaps you should train for the tournament, instead of laying here, fiddling with your toys. [Lea sits up] Lea: Train, huh? Sounds boring. [isa stands up and walks in front of Lea] Isa: What if I train with you? Lea: Hmmm...spar with you? I'm good with that! [isa draws his weapon] Lea: I hope you're ready! There's no way I'm gonna lose! [isa extends arm, weapon in hand] [Lea charges at him] [A black screen appears and you see white slashes and you hear weapons clash] [Lea loses and gets knocked back] Lea: What!? How could I lose...? Isa: Come on, Lea. I know you can fight harder than that. You were barely trying. Lea: Hey! That's not- (sigh) I...I guess you're right. Isa: Come on, Lea...let's go get you some ice cream. Lea: That's your answer for everything. Isa: Well, I certainly don't see you complaining. [Lea and Isa walk down an alley, laughing] [Lea and Isa walk down a ramp and Lea sees a keyblade drop in front of him] [Lea swings it a bit and turns to the boy who dropped it] Lea: This yours? [The boy nods] Isa: Lea, we don't have time for this. Lea: Lighten up, Isa. It'll only take a sec. [Lea approaches the boy] Lea: You still play with toy swords? That's cute. [Throws the keyblade down] Lea: Now this right here- [Pulls out his weapons] Tada! Whaddaya think? Ventus: Not a whole lot. Lea: You're just jealous! I'm Lea. Got it memorized? [smirks] Lea: What's YOUR name? Ventus: Ventus. [Tightens grip on weapons] Lea: Okay, Ventus. Let's fight! Ventus: Fight? Why would I wanna do that? [Lea bends down and points weapon at his face] Lea: You scared of losing? [stands up] Lea: C'mon. [Jumps back] Lea: Hope you're ready! [Ventus laughs slightly] [Ventus stands up and grabs keyblade] Lea: Yeah! Now we're talkin'. [Ventus gets in battle stance] Ventus: You're gonna be sorry. [isa snickers] [Ventus charges at Lea and they begin battling] [Lea loses, and is knocked back] Lea (Gasping): You...had enough? 'Cause I'm willing to...call it a draw if you are. [Ventus stands up straight] Ventus: Huh? (Chuckles) Right. [isa approaches the two] Isa: From where I stood, the only think you drew was a big L on your forehead for
  7. http://www.box.net/shared/96aj2mu57t http://www.box.net/shared/zzkj2lccg1 http://www.box.net/shared/6h318hhtkg http://www.box.net/shared/hhcuj5dr11 http://www.box.net/shared/qtscfootbx http://www.box.net/shared/f4mtgfszfl
  8. Well, well, well...looks like I have something things to take care of. First of all, I do not use ZachElamVids anymore. I use a new account: xXTwistedVIxX Which is also what I'm trying to get all of my forum names changed to. Also, I'm back making new material. None of my material is video anymore, all audio. So, I'm gonna make a new post below this and paste some of my latest work.
  9. (This could be considered advertisement, so I'm posting it here. ) Okay everyone, so I was talking to Ty (Ringleader Man) - From Media - and he and I thought it'd be a good idea to have a Kingdom Hearts Fandub of the entire series, done ONLY BY MEMBERS/STAFF of Media. I, along with many of my friends who are willing to sign up and participate, and a few of you here (I'm sure) will be in on this. We'll post the videos on our official Youtube. We will hold auditions starting in June, so that will you guys plenty of time to get your equipment, parts, and voices ready to work. If you don't have a microphone, I would recommend you buy one from Radio Shack or Wal-Mart...or even Amazon.com. Also, aim for a headset/ear-piece for simplicity. -=RULES FOR AUDITIONING=- 1. You must have a pretty clear microphone, with minimal hissing. 2. You must record AT LEAST 6 lines 3. You must have plenty of feeling and emotion 4. You DO NOT have to sound EXACTLY like the character, but rather...learn their inflections in speech. (Youtube is a great source) 5. Try to get Skype - This is where we will rehearsals 6. You may audition either on Skype OR in a video. 7. You must have some sort of audio editing program. A free, easy-to-use one is Audacity. (Google it) 8. There is NO LIMIT on the number of characters you may audition for, but don't expect to get EVERY ONE. 9. DO NOT get discouraged if we do not accept your audition or ask you to re-do it. 10. ALL AUDITIONS WILL BE FAIR. We will not pass staff over members, just because they're staff. We base this solely on TALENT. If you wish to audition, please PM me or Ringleader Man and we'll set you up with an audition.
  10. I'll audition for Terra. If you need an audition, lemme know.
  11. @DeathSkull - I'm still working there. And working hard. @RoxSoxKH - Shut up.
  12. @RoxSoxKH - Duuude, you're still my best e-friend. @darklighter - I made some stupid mistakes, pissed off the wrong people...etc.
  13. @JesusFreak - Yeah, I'm back! @Rebellexa - Nice to meet you too? *hides* @luzzekatt - Really now? Good for you.
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