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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. I'm hoping to do a fan-made live action music video to Fall Out Boy's "Centuries," and I was hoping to end it with a transition to a clip of Axel saying "I want everyone I meet to remember me. Inside people's memories, I can live forever." My problem is, I don't remember when or where Axel says this..or even if Axel is the one who says this. Can any of you point me in the right direction? In addition, how would I be able to retrieve the clip from the game or of...

    1. jogod


      It's Lea that says it in Birth by Sleep. It's in Radiant Garden in Ven's story.


  2. When in the socerer's tower, and entering the room of the three fairy God mothers, Sora counts himself, Donald, goofy, Riku, and Mickey and says"with the five of us-uh six of us-the organization doesn't stand a chance" ...was he indirectly referring to himself as two people aka Roxas and Sora??
  3. In the beginning of KH2 we are given two chances to pick a weapon of our choice. The first time, with the struggle bats, I chose the hand guarded struggle bat(defense+1). Great. Then, I come to Roxas' dive to heart and am given a choice between a Shield, Sword, and Wand. Shield for protection, Sword for might/strength(im blanking on the term that was used), and Wand for wisdom and intellect. The guides I have looked at say that choosing one of these gives an advantage or plus in defense, strength, or magic. Others say it's what decides the order of abilities we learn as we level up(I don't doubt that). However, when I chose the shield and got the power of the guardian (um, YES please), I checked my stats and they went from (stats as of after I chose the hand guarded struggle bat-defense+1) strength 5, magic 6, defense 3; to Strength 5, Magic 7, Defense 3. Can anyone explain why my magic went up if I chose the shield that grants the guardian/defense level up/strategy, without leveling up(after choosing Roxas is still only level 1) Granted, perhaps I remembered my stats wrong. Either way my question is relevant all the same. I hate to fret about stats and such, but I chose Critical Mode...I want to make sure that choosing the same "genre" weapon doesn't either not give us a possible boost that we might get if we chose say Hand guard(+1 defense) and then Sword(+1 strength). Thank you for your insights! If you have clarifying questions feel free to ask:)
  4. hey is it just me or is everyone having problems with their watching videos when i go to try and watch a video it says ERROR ON PAGE OR ERROR PEASE TRY AGAIN LATER and i have been trying for a week now and nothing i mean plz dont tell me its just my computer cause that would just down right stink cause its new! but plz let me know cause i want to know if its just me or not SO PEEPS OUT THERE IN THE WORLD SO WIDE DONT JUST VIEW ANSWER AND REPLY A PERSON GOT TO KNOW WETHER OR NOT HES GONNA DIE
  5. hmmm i am new to this so i dont really get any of this but i am trying trust me!!!! i can comphrehend more than it looks like (except when spelling comes into play) but i think that the forums should be split into colored sections and by catogories like questions comments cool stuff pic video news etc its way to bunched up and its hard to read when i first saw it i thought it was trying to sell me something!!!! and anyway SORA96 i still cant find the introduction sone thing u told me about........
  6. heah lol lazy people jk are u talking about the ansem reports from kh1?
  7. thank you anyway i appreaicaite that u at least replyed noone else has and by the way i didnt know that there was a introduction place ill try to find it lol cool now i feel welcome to the site! i know i am a BIG fan of kingdom hearts but i cant say i am the biggest fan untill i master this website and conquer every single kingdom hearts game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(100% secrets and abilitys for party and Sora and every treasure chest and every lvl!!!!!)
  8. hey i am a big big big fan of kingdom hearts anyway i wanted to ask about the following things (cause i have been at this for about 23hours) 1. does the heartless BOUNCYWILD have a heartless card (that goes in ur deck) 2.does the heartless LARGEBODY have a heartless card (that goes in ur deck) 3. what do i do in a WHITE ROOM and a BLACK ROOM what do i need to accomplishe what is it like do i gwt anything? (the reason for # 3 is because in kh1 WHITE MUSHROOMS AND BLACK MUSHROOMS were important to get like mystery goo and other rare items and i dont want to waste a WHITE or BLACK ROOM by going in and not doing wat ever it is i need to do) so if u get ma point plz answer asap i know this is long srry mod edit: moved to the COM section.
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