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  1. Namine and Roxas RULE!!!!! lol and are so cute together! lol =)
  2. it was so amazing guys i will post photos at a later time!!! I got sick though because it was so cold and my feet got wet lol =(
  3. Another poem for ya!!!! FLAME A flame, a single tiny flame A flame of a candle shining in my window frame All the rest of the house is dark; but I have a single flame. When I walk through the hall, and see couples holding hands that's when I hate you. When I turn on the radio, and hear my favorite band, that's when I want to be with you. When I fall down, and I scrape my knee real hard That's when I really want your help. When I lay down to sleep at night, I want your arms around. When it's cold outside and I'm all alone, That's when I need your warmth. But when I'm looking down at the hands you used to hold or feel the lips you used to kiss; THAT'S when I think of you most. A flame, a single, warm, yet tiny flame a flame to cherish, a flame to clame a Flame that's mine forever more, A flame to brighten up the opening of my door a single tiny flame i had this one published not too long ago!! Love When I think about love I think about sunshine When I think about sunshine I think about rain When I think about rain I think about blue skies When blue skies fade, I think about clouds. When I think about clouds, I think about confusion. When I think about confusion I think about my feelings. When I think about my feelings I think about what I feel for you
  4. My favorite quote from KH has to be the one by Namine(obviously) "When you remember one thing, that leads to remembering another and then another and then another. Our memories are connected. Many pieces are linked together like they
  5. why thank you lol *blush* I love to write, draw, and write music. lol maybe ill put some lyrics on here later
  6. its not my best one, but my camera is messed up and i cant post anymore =(
  7. 1)my fav was fireflies by Owl City lol ima dork. I also loved I'll Be by Edwin McCain is me and my babys song lol =) 2)Kingdom Hearts all of them lol and guitar hero 3)ummm...Nightmare before Christmas and The Phantom Of The Opera. Also LOVEDc Twilight and New Moon 4) I dont watch television much, but pokemon
  8. well, lol i was on google looking for kingdom hearts forums and i really liked this one lol
  9. hey lol welcome to the forum! lol hope to talk to you soon
  10. Storms By: Luna Xinian(Me) In the midst of the worst storm; look and you shall find me standing tall and strong as ever and falling not. When the lightening strikes down hardand violently, and you believe it has struck my soul; look harder and see it has not, for lightening never strikes twice in the same place. For whenever the clouds loom the sky and the thunder sounds off strong, I do not shake or have fear. For I know you are with me. To read more(Please comment when you do) Check out my Deviant Art, xlxuxnxax Thanks!
  11. i will take PLENTY of pics, lol and i will tell you guys ALL about it after I get back lol!! Cant wait til tomorow!
  12. [attachment=180]hey lol this is a pic of namine i did. Tell me how you like it rate 1-10 On deviant art, I am lxuxnxax check me out!!
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