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  1. well vanita's sentiment is the secret boss of kh and u r kinda rigth the lingering sentiment of terra did hinted bbs but wat does vanitas hint's any ideas
  2. if she reconected all of sora's memories then she should have seen everything sora went trhough but y didn't she told anybody or maybe she told ansem o and 1 question how did the organization new roxas was ven , remember saix said
  3. this is f....d up really sony has to shut up let square enix talk if SE told possibly june or august then jus stay with that and f..k sony
  4. lots of ppl like : sora riku kairi mickey ven(i thinck) aqua(i thinck) terra(i thinck) still missing a 100 more ppl
  5. who has seen the Organization Xll Volume videos on youtube there very funny its all about how the organization spend there free time on castle oblivion
  6. didnt sora already lost ven's heart or di he get it back when he merged with roxas
  7. i got to ask y is there almostno keyblade wielden bosses that would be sweet is it because of the keyblade war
  8. i really want it to be in june or may cause ill get it as graduation gift
  9. it would be but dude come on extras thats going to be sweet
  10. wat are your ideas on the mystery gam its ben buging me since nomura anounced it for me its going to be about what he hinted that in the end of bbs there is still sometime between kh and bbs so i think its going to be about that
  11. as i said in the new poll nobodys are ppl created from the vessel that the heart lives behind and they are supposed to be similar to there somebodys not exact so there it is and she was born when sora unloked his hearts (ven,kairi) and namine and roxas were created
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