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  1. would the release of birth by sleep be quicker to release if they just changed the language to english and not anything else???? and would anyone like that idea????
  2. since pureblood heartless were in BBS,does that mean there were nobody's too at the time?
  3. dont know if this question was already made but when sora lost his heart and made roxas, did that result with ventus getting his heart back?
  4. do you guys remember that ventus,terra,and aqua did not have keychains so why all of a sudden on the birth by sleep box art they do?
  5. she was a "special nobody" in other words she literally was not a nobody but a doll made up of sora's memories to absorb roxas but instead roxas absorbed xion
  6. that is weird and luckily i dont give people the finger
  7. FINALLY someone speaks the truth I mean really why do theys either way they are bad at both
  8. i remember fightin him 20 times!!!!!!!! after dat i beat him and my keyblade kingdom key kept on glowing green
  9. your drawing is awesome it would take me a hour to do that but wats bad is dat im goin to school in a week
  10. thanks everybody and also I will enjoy it hear!!! ps.thanks for the cookies
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