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  1. riku cool i dont think he cut out for the job and sora has a lot of heart in everbody he meet. that why he connected to alot of people
  2. has anybody ever notice that in each world in kh2 a person says that sora is connect to him
  3. they show how riku look like at the end of bbs with sora. he is dress the same
  4. ok i think what happen in birth by sleep i think choose who they want to have the keyblade
  5. imaged riku and sora had to combined with each other to fight the last villian like terra and xehanort did. they would make rira or soku or maybe risokura i dont know
  6. i agree that smartest anwser i seen so far u get a 10
  7. in the game mickey left a letter to donald and goofy that the star are fading a way and in traverse town a star fade a way in the sky
  8. in the group leon was the only one that wasnt in ff7
  9. would Maleficent be one of the main villians in reconnected or she change from bad to good and what did happen in kh2 when she had to kill all the heartless in the world that never was.
  10. it would be sad if there a sad part in reconnect and sora juct break down and goes crazy ex. riku died from the bad guy and sora just slice the guy like nothing with all his power :-/ :huh:
  11. it might took a couple mouth because the time sora fell a sleep there was fewer member of the 13 on the 18 day of the game i thing until the day riku met xion on day 97
  12. goffy because he help out a lot and donald just die all the time but goofy alway get in my way and he saved sora life in a cutscene with riku trying to kill you
  13. who would win in a epic battle. link from the legend of zelda, chrono from chrono trigger, or sora
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