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  1. Axel was looking for the chamber only because Xemnas ordered it and if my memory serves true he did find it and a little bit after that was "killed" by sora
  2. side note i think MF found a time pad at castle oblivion/land of depature found the cloak lying around( possible because riku & mikey got some) and was heading towards the tower and to the exact room where ventus's body was to be placed. this allows him to find Ven easily.
  3. am i gonna need a new psp for this final mix???
  4. let kingdom hearts sprout within your heart, let it grow, consume it, such is its nature because in the end all hearts return to kingdom hearts i got a problem too... i'm horrible 0.o
  5. i made 2 keys from a broom shower rod a ton of cardboard a necklace and my artistic ability and i have a sora and roxas necklace play the games over 1000 times i call certain people certain character and repeat lenghty speeches from kh cuz ansems good at it so no your just dedicated and fun
  6. does any one know how to make these abilities cuz its really buggin me
  7. after the final episode go to the keyblade graveyards. bad lands is under fissure beat vanitus then go to no name
  8. the only one we know for sure is comimg back is terranort cuz we killed both his heartless and nobody
  9. how would heartless join a competition "...." thats all they say and i got to agree that phil was relunctant to let sora join because he thought sora "might" get hurt.
  10. Aw, don't be like that. You're not a loser, It's a hard thing to do, hell even i'm struggling and i've played through KH2 at least 10 times before. (counting Final Mix) yeah i been playin nonstop since 08 and i play it and beat it once every month waiting for bbs
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