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  1. KH2 all the way! But FFVII is awesome too! kinda hard to choose...
  2. I got kinda bored making the card decks so I luved playing Riku's story... although the worlds where you have a weak deck were really hard...
  3. Name: Rogue (yes I'm keeping it simple) Age: appears 20, but he doesn't keep count anymore Gender: Male Appearance: Shoulder length white hair, hazel eyes, and usually wears a Organization cloak(for stealth purposes) Personality: Restrained, some might say shy or quiet if they didn't know what he was thinking, at times cold, extremely loyal to anyone he believes deserves trust(and believe me do u have to earn it). Friends: Usually works alone, and will only work with someone he believes is worthy of trust. Enemies: ................ not much to say, he took care of those a long time ago.... (except one), but if anyone gets in his way.... Bio: Remembers only bits and pieces of his past(but when he does it's usually quite helpful tidbits), due to an old head injury inflicted by his one last enemy. Keyblades: Has the ability to duel-wield (I think I spelled that right), uses the Way to Dawn and OathKeeper. Other Abilities: Can also use basic black and white magic. (pretty much just cure, blizzard, fire, etc...)
  4. Roxas:............... Don't I know you?......... and weren't you eaten by a mushroom?............*shakes head to clear cobwebs* dang my head hurts......
  5. Hiya! luv the username... reminds me of L from Death Note... I'm Rogue.
  6. 1. Perfect ? nope and don't pretend to be... 2. Tall ? kinda about 6ft 3. In your pajamas ? nope 4. Left handed ? nope LAST- 1. Friend you saw? keenan (u don't know him[at least u shouldn't]) 2. Talked to on the phone : mom 3. Person to text you : PAMF (acronym don't ask what for) 4. Was today better than yesterday ? not really FAVORITES : 1. Number : 7 and 13 2. Color(s) : Black, blue, and red. 3. Fruit : grapes 4. Place : my house... QUESTIONS & ANSWERS : Q: What was the first thing you did this morning when you got up? A: went back to sleep zzzzzzz....... Q: Do you have anything bothering you ? A: still tired... Q: What's the last movie you saw ? A: Final Fantsy VII: Advent Children Q: Where is the last place you went ? A: The Beach Q. Do you smile a lot ? A: uh... not really Q: Do you wish upon stars ? A: no Q: Are you a friendly person ? A: To my close friends yes... I try to be polite to everyone though.... Q: Where did you sleep last night ? A: WTF?!!! In my bed.... Q: When was the last time you cried ? A: don't remember... don't keep up with that sort of thing Q: What was your last thought before going to sleep last night ? A: -insert fav curse here- I've got to go to work in the morning! Q: Rate life as of right now one being bad ten being great? A: 6... ya kinda sux right now... Q: What do you hear right now ? A: I have House playing in the background... Q: Does anything hurt right now ? A: no Q: What's your favorite month ? A: one of the cooler months... Q: What did you do last night ? A: Final Fantasy X EIGHT EMOTIONS : 1. Are you missing someone right now : nope 2. Are you happy ? no comment 3. Are you sad ? again no comment 4. Are you bored ? yes... 6. Are you nervous ? nah... 8. Are you tired ? yeah a little ABOUT YOU : 001. Real name ? Justin 002. Nick names ? Rogue, J-Dub, J, and recently I got the name BAMF(not sure wat it means yet) 003. Eye color ? hazel 004. Zodiac sign ? taurus 005. Male or female ? male 009. Smart? fairly I think... 010. Hair color? brown 011. Tall or short? I guess tall 013. Sweats or Jeans? Jeans 014. Phone or Camera ? phone 016. Drink or Smoke ? neither, and never will 020. Tattoos ? I might one day 021. Righty or lefty? right handed FIRSTS : 024. First best friend? I believe his name was Travis(it was a long time ago) 025. first crush? don't remember her name.... think it was heather though 027. First pet? cat... bob-tailed cat... I miss him... 028. First big vacation ? trip to Florida... 049. Eating? Sub from Subway 050. Drinking ? Sweet Tea 052. I'm about to : Finish this quiz.... thing....(not sure wat to call this...) 053. Listening to ? HOUSE IN THE BACKGROUND... because u must be hard of hearing 054. Plans for today ? game, eat, sleep... in that order... 079. Drank bubbles ? wtf? 080. Lost glasses/contacts? nope I'm very careful with my glasses 081. Ran away from home ? nope 084. Broken someone's heart ? don't think so 085. Been arrested ? heck no DO YOU BELIEVE IN : 090. Miracles ? not sure really... If I ever experince one I might... 089. Yourself ? Yes. 092. Heaven ? not sure... 093. Santa Claus ? no....*wonders if author of quiz was high* 094. Love ? yes... but I also believe there are different types of love...
  7. huh... everything fits perfectly... except the beaver... I don't get the beaver... (by the way LUV ur sig digimoon93)
  8. Roxas:...... did Dem just pass out?......
  9. Roxas: huh... I knew it! ur way goes straight through sugar rush world! (ya that was really my best response)
  10. Pumpkin Head is REALLLLLY good! I use Ultima once I get it... But if I could use The Way to Dawn I would in a heartbeat.
  11. *Roxas rolls his eyes*:dodgy: Roxas: Well, what is your way then? If you are trying to climb a tree, you are going alone.
  12. Jack Skellington... I just couldn't find anything good about him so I never used him...
  13. Riku in KH and KH 358/2 Days... and Re: COM... gotta luv Darkness Mode!
  14. Replica... last fight when he has max power... IRRRRRRRRAAAAATTTTATING!!!!!!!!!!
  15. maybe comments like this? just saying...
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