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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. Happy four years on kh13, Digimoon! :)

  2. Aww digi it's been to long D'8

  3. Hey, you haven't been on. I don't know if you may remember me but I Used to be oath_keeper14. you were cool, and you showed me about silent hill (Which I ended up loving) and you were a colorful and wonder character. I hope you read this and log on more often~

    1. Sigrun


      Hey well wishes :)

  4. Happy birthday :>

  5. you haven't been on in a while! D:

  6. Here's the video. Watch it and if you feel you are losing your insanity; then you know how I feel {8D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8C4hFs7oyQo&feature=related It's the 4th most awesomesauce thing I have ever seen in my life...
  7. DONT JUDGE MEH SPELLING! D8{ Anywhoz~ join ussssss....at Superhappyfuntimeland....where the unicorns are sold into harsh and cruel slavery and all of the food is heavily salted! {8D Each new member gets their own slave and a bucket full of orphan meat! (either to do whatever they want with) 8D So yus, JOIN US TODAAAAY~ (members can get in free until the 4904th day of Septober if they say the "superhappyfuntime phrase")
  8. Magic? MAGIC? It was clearly a mixture of painkillers, submachine guns and the power of "AWESOMESAUCE"!
  9. BUT THEY'RE REAL! (unlike babies and Canada)
  11. Actually I'm horrifically sick minded but I'm not a pervert. (other than the occasional "that's what she said" joke) heh i though this thread was talking about if you're ACTUALLY sick in the mind (like laughing at certain scene in a movie where a 7 year old sets herself ablaze or laughing at a guy being hooked in the head)
  12. ...............Why do i find this forum oddly erotic? KIDDING KIDDDING! 8D I actually thought this forum was more about the YGO season 0 abridged episode but yeah, sure let's see what's going on here....this is about Saw right? So i guess no matter what we do, you'll just automatically think of a way to make our chances futile and thus killing us on the spot. Right?
  13. Oooh people do cameos of things ALL THE TIIIME! Heros has Jojo cameos/references That movie where the guy has the version of himself as a child follow him around had Ed Edd & Eddie playing on the television alot The Office had a party where they were watching Glee (even though only half of them knew what that show was) More stuff but i can't remember enough to tell you what movie/show they were on
  14. "All we need is love and beer and old school metal and holiday cheer!"
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