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  1. Over the past year I have watched ATLA about 5 times through! I'm addicted! And I bought all the comics and I've downloaded the new Korra episodes. Love Avatar. One of my all time favorite series, for anything.
  2. Thanks guys! Make sure to download and share. We need all the support we can get!
  3. Hey guys! It has been a while since I last posted here. Since the last time I posted, a lot has happened. I recruited my friend Penge567, and together, we sped up the process tenfold! Together, we added to Traverse Town a ton of bonus plazas, a railroad system, a dungeon, a great wall, a mountain range, a beach, a museum, a sewer system, fully accessible buildings, a gummi ship landing area, and much, much more. Thank you guys so much for your support! Me and Penge567 both encourage you to download the map, as well as share it with your friends! Here's a link to the forum post over at Minecraft Forums. It contains the download link. Enjoy! http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/927144-traverse-town-recreation/ - Mowrt620 mine.bmp
  4. While this is true, we still do have to know WHY they would be willing to do these things. They make it obvious that they are really good friends, but if it weren't for the actions we wouldn't even know!
  5. Blegh. The dialog is sooo unnatural I wish they would start talking like real people! It would help get the feel for the world. I feel like we're basing Riku and Sora's friendship like entirely off of the first days on the islands in KH1.I feel like since then we haven't really seen them be 'friends'. You can't base an entire friendship off of that. And just saying they're best friends without really seeing it isn't the right idea. I'm just hoping we'll see some more realistic dialog. I mean, I can dig the heart stuff and connection stuff and blahblahblah, but when every single line of dialog is like that it gets kind of annoying. I feel like within 5 minutes of meeting someone, Sora is telling them all this stuff about how their hearts are connected. It's just tedious and unnatural. Really unnatural. I want to have the feeling of getting engulfed in these worlds as I explore them, with some real dialog and interactions. Everything feelings so stiff and scripted that I can't imagine getting into it at all.
  6. Dude, yessss. I've always been a huge fan of Tron, and I admit, I was disappointed with the KH2 Tron world. There's just so much potential! But if they took the time in KH3 to make the lightcycling more fun, it'd be awesome. I think with the new Tron, there's less of a limitation on the action, so if they do it right, it'd be super sweet. I'd especially like the scene with the disk fights to somehow be incorporated in KH3. Sounds like fun to me!
  7. Lol, I don't mind Macy's, I just think the parade isn't good, yeesh.
  8. Gosh, this parade is absolutly awful. Horrible lip-synching, horrible lip-synching everywhere! And it's all just commercialism. The announcer people are just advertising the floats and balloons and it's obvious that they're being told to say these things. Plus all the songs and stuff are mind-numbingly bland and forgettable. The floats and dances are fairly sloppy, and it's generally an unpleasent epi-center of product advertising, with some American Idol singer there to lip-synch a boring song.
  9. I don't think a little romance is too much to ask for in a KH game, especially considering all the build-up with Kairi and Sora and the drawings and blahblahblah. I think we all know it's gonna happen. But I think it would be neat for all 5 to share the fruit, even if it'd be a tad awkward. Even if that didn't happen, I don't think Sora is gonna split up from his best friends.
  10. The two that seem most fitted for the game are Pochontas and The Emperor's New Groove. I haven't seen either in a while, but they both fit the whole dropping theme. Like imagine doing that cool 3D jump thing down a large waterfall in the Pocahontas world. And I recall many cliff areas in the Emperor's New Groove, as well as the giant temple place thingy. I'm personally really rooting for an ENG world, if they did it right. If it's open and empty and blaahhh like most of the recent KH worlds, I'd be sad, but I believe there's a lot they could do with it. I've got promise from the new Traverse Town areas which are looking awesome, so maybe the world design is getting back into the groove (no pun intended). As far as the whole Pixar thing goes, the most likely choice is obviously Toy Story. But to be honest I would melt if there were a Monster's Inc. world. That'd just be awesome! It has always been my favorite Pixar movie, so y'know. But how would Sora work as a monster...? Interesting concept...
  11. This is just so sad. That's a life she'll never get to live, and she won't get it back, just because some people have to bully her. Just horrible...
  12. A cat can jump like 10x its height, maybe more, and not get hurt. We jump off a curb wrong and we break our foot. I mean, I've broken both my feet twice. And there's little chance they'll ever recover to 100%. They still crack to this day! It's either I'm weak or the human body in general is made out of paper and used toothpicks.
  13. Link and Sora are probably tied for 1st place.
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