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  1. *gasp* Oh my gosh! Vanitas! How are you here?! I thought Ventus destroyed you!

    1. KingdomHearts3


      How is this possible you remain alive?

  2. Im disgusted

    1. Ruby Rose

      Ruby Rose

      I thought you were Vanitas o.o

    2. Sora
  3. Well Russia literally has the rest of Europe by the balls as they export so much energy. Highly doubt anything will actually happen.
  4. its like doctor who, the first body is the first incarnation and the second is the first regeneration.
  5. Edit: How to firetruck up a quote "But you're forgetting something very vital. If you take god and reverse it, then you get dog, and dogs bark, and bark is on trees, and trees have green leaves, and green is a color, and red is also a color, and fire is red (except for when it's dark), and fire burns things, and fires are put out with fire extinguishers, and fire extinguishers have weird chemicals in them and I have no idea where I'm going with this" Half-Life 3 confirmed
  6. Why do people pay 300+ on phones that have Flappy Bird downloaded?
  7. I agree. Kingdom Hearts sucks. The storyline pales in comparison.
  8. There's also the super tedious IV breeding if you want more stats plus EVs.
  9. 1 - EV trained? 2 - Which one are you mega evolving 3 - Moves?
  10. firetruck logarithims

    1. Ruby Rose

      Ruby Rose

      Math is terrible after the main 4 groups- me and Amber decided as much

    2. Javelin434


      screw everything math related, especially trig xP

    3. Vanitas


      Too bad math is in everything ever :(

  11. I'm sorry, but there are so many mechanical errors.
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