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    "Look,I'm the only one that gets the job done"
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  1. Black: The color that symbolizes fertility and great growth in Egyptian culture, I will grow to be a garden of greatness and sow my seeds Silver: The calm yet neutral color of grey, gives me the impression of a calm before the storm, but shines silver because it's silver lining in the clouds, I came up with both parents now I have one but that's okay cause my Pops as a single father solos most dual parents out in this world today
  2. Well we didn't forget it's just...not a lit
  3. ...This is just what I needed, I will have the best ships on the East Coast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  4. I'm alive just been entranced by Natsu' sig
  5. Heavenly Kung Fu Short Staffs (2 of them)
  6. "May angels protect you, trouble neglect you, and heaven accept". Godspeed mate, may the odds be ever in your favor.
  7. So much swag in that pose. Gorgeous, really.
  8. Do what you want fam. Most of us here are indifferent to your presence. I personally find you funny (not always refreshing) but hey ya got moxie, kid. I guess to answer the poll Be yourself and stop trying so hard. Some of the funniest people just relax and the comedy comes naturally.
  9. It's Tetsuya firetrucking Nomura people. The man is a genius. He can and will make it work. He's never given reason in the past to doubt his abilities when it comes to adapting live-action to the KH flow.
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