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  1. Um do you mean in general or clocked hours? Definitely replayed kh2 all the time as a kid but on the ps3 I've clocked more hours into BBS than 2
  2. So now we know straight from the source that Xehanort wanted to find Ven in the Chamber of Waking at Castle Oblivion. I say that because I remember some people speculating that Terra still lived in Xehanort and that Terra wanted to find Ven. But why would Xehanort want Ven? Did he want to use him as a vessel? It'd be much easier considering that he actually has no heart within him. I don't really see any other reason though. Besides, Xehanort didn't show any interest in Ven except for the creation of the X-Blade since trying to use him like he used Terra didn't turn out right.
  3. I would replace Terra's he wasn't really doin it for me. Also i still prefer Billy Zane's Ansem over the current one so I would re-replace Ansem's i guess. Richard Epcar was good for Terranort tho so I'll let him keep that
  4. Wasn't there a skateboard mission in like every world in KH2? So like if you completed everything Sora used the skateboard like 20 times
  5. It would be cool to see Terra saved before the rest of them and maybe have some kind of character development so that he's not always so angry or something cuz that's how he lost his heart to the darkness in the first place. However, what will probably happen is that Aqua will come back, she will get Ven out of CO and then at some point there will be a battle between Aqua, Ven, and Terranort in which case Terra will be saved or something.
  6. I second the translation error theory. When speaking to royalty japanese people pretty much just say ojou-sama. So when Goofy says that in japanese he could be talking about either mickey or minnie. Nomura probably didnt plan ahead with Disneytown's story in BBS though. So i'm gonna say that if Nomura remembered that scene then he would of noticed that its gender neutral too and then minnie banishing pete wouldnt be a problem Axel liked to keep quiet about his past around Roxas and Xion. When they ask him about his memories he kinda avoids sharing much. Also, if I were axel I wouldnt think that a nobody born 10 years after I met some random guy one day would be the same person.
  7. the coconut nut is a giant nut if you eat too much you get very fat, and the coconut nut is a big big nut, but the big big nut is not a nut its a coco fruit!
  8. isnt chum the reason why no one goes to the chum bucket? cuz its made of fish?
  9. I really wanna buy the kh2.5 collector's edition but i dont wanna have two kh1.5 discs cuz i already bought it! Do you think they'd make a choice to not buy kh1.5 again?
  10. Well I liked Frozen so it being put in would please me, but i wouldnt want the world to be overhyped or anything cuz i dunno they might make the world like ridiculously long. Actually i think it'd be funny if Hans turned into a heartless or something just to make him more evil because he was kinda underwhelming in the movie
  11. I'll probably finish the main stories one at a time and then work on side quests and trophies at the same time
  12. Does anyone else think that No Heart and Armor of the Master werent really that hard and that the only reason you would need multiplayer to beat them is cuz their HP is really high?
  13. maybe it could work if ash went into a computer system like in the banned episode with Porygon
  14. if he does come back would he be able to use the Keyblade? because he could use the Keyblade before because he was Sora's nobody and somehow Sora's Keyblade can be present in 2 different places at once, but he wouldn't be connected to Sora anymore if he became his own person.
  15. after seeing all the characters that will appear in the game so far im actually more excited about getting the game than i was when i first heard about it
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