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  1. Happy 3 years on kh13! :D

  2. tutti frutti. Do you actually think that there will be a better villain than Xehanort? I ultimately think that there would have to be some work done in order to do that. But it would strongly depend on how well developed the villain after Xehanort and if that person can live up to the current expectations that Xehanort has set up so far.
  3. tutti frutti. Pinky and the Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain ....Nort. I would be more confused in what kind of message Nomura would be sending to people. But hey, the world is already crazy enough as it is.
  4. tutti frutti. I would have to go with magic for KH1. It left you with more of a challenge when dealing with the enemy. You didn't have to find a safe location, and wait for your magic/commands to reload while sitting back and eating a sandwich before resuming the fight. You were literally forced to fight the enemy in order to restore magic outside of using ethers.
  5. tutti frutti. I would actually like that idea. It could take over the Little Mermaid world of the series. I hope that it is added to KH3.
  6. tutti frutti. I say that it's been too long of a wait for a console version of a KH game to surface. Yeah, the DS games, and BBS, help with the story, but there is only so much backstory that a person can take before they desire the story to continue. I just hope that KH3 is the next game of the series, I can't take much more KH games to where the Xehanort Saga is prolonged.
  7. tutti frutti. Bad games don't deserve a spot on the shelf. 328990085767840987578904789320928370987344513454255132435467876677878545456234565436546564345654365564365874235234567885478762456354723
  8. tutti frutti. Beautiful music that never gets old.
  9. tutti frutti. *My initial thought when reading the title:* Why is this person talking dirty on a forum? * My thought after reading further:* Everything makes sense now.
  10. tutti frutti. Even though Square has the Final mixes as Japan exclusives, I think that it's stupid that for the HD collection in Japan to have it, but should it be released in other regions, not to release it for the collection outside of Japan. It's pretty crazy to pick and choose where you want to sell your product, which is something I find to be the best way to limit how much money a company makes. If KHFM is released outside of Japane with the collection, I would be more inclined to get the game. If not, then I'm less likely to get the game.
  11. tutti frutti. I'm curious as how they are going to set up the trophy system should Square decide to have that put into the game. Not just the in game trophies, like the ones for BBS, Re:Coded, and KH3D, but the console versions of the trophies/achivements like most of the game have now today.
  12. tutti frutti. This is assuming that KH1.5 is released outside of Japan. For those that don't already have a copy of KHFM to play, through imports and other methods, or hasn't fought him already, who is looking forward to actually fighting Xemnas as a Superboss?
  13. tutti frutti. Easiest rule to use for things like this: They're video games, they're not suppose to make sense.
  14. tutti frutti. Much like what Kishira stated, Yen Sid didn't really teach Sora and Riku anything major about the Keyblade. They were sort of just thrown into the Dream Realm in order to become true Keyblade Masters. They were given important information about why they were given the exam, such as preparing for MX, and that those, such as Terra, Aqua and Ven, among others, need help. I didn't really feel as though they were given any special training, history on the Keyblade, or anything else major, outside of the MoM exam, that would have helped them in the manner that Terra, Aqua and Ven had received under Eraqus, and Mickey under Yen Sid. Granted they are pretty hard pressed for time due to being more prepared for MX, but that's still something that Sora and Riku could have received, especially since they are self taught. I would think that at some point and time, Yen Sid would at least give more information, such as the Keyblade War and events on BBS, and some actual training like what he put Mickey through in the future. But I don't really think that there is a right or wrong way to wield the Keyblade, especially since people in general have their own viewpoints about things in the world. MX may find using his Keyblade to reach his goals for the Keyblade War and harming others in order to do so to be right, while Sora, Mickey and co. have that viewpoint that helping and protecting others to be the way to use the Keyblade.
  15. tutti frutti. Come on, which Super Smash Bros fan isn't ready for this game. I am definitely looking forward to both old and new characters that will be on the roster.
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