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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. No, I like it. Larxene's contorted, shooting lightning and obscenities, and completely unable to use her arms.
  2. Larxene: Heartless Nobody Reason? Antennae. Thoughts?
  3. But there are areas where the two are fundamentally incompatible. One would have to take precedence over the other, and to deny this won't help come to a solution.
  4. But what about examples when they are endangering other people? Where does the right to security override the right to freedom of religion?Freedom of speech is limited in cases where it infringes upon security.
  5. I intentionally chose one that doesn't exist. Trying to avoid conflict by using an example that doesn't actually exist.And, no. That's not how biology works, first you can't be 'immune' to scurvy any more than you can be 'immune' to hunger or dehydration. You need vitamin C to survive, scurvy is a vitamin C deficiency, not a disease vitamin C treats.
  6. Granted, but all sleep is constantly plagued by nightmares.I wish I didn't have to eat, and couldn't get hungry.
  7. But what do you do when faith conflicts with non-faith?For example, let's say my faith forbids me from consuming vitamin C. If iget scurvy from this, that's my responsibility. but if I have a child, do I get to keep them from consuming Vitamin C?If yes, then I get to put someone else in danger because of my faith.If no, then you are infringing on my right to practice my faith because you don't believe in it.
  8. It's a draw, both fall flat and die of incompetence. Humming or whistling?
  9. Because the first world to fall into sleep had an exploding paint factory. What are the light energy blades Ventus has in Wingblade mode.
  10. Toast, it gets tougher the more time passes, cereal doesn't. Caps Lock or Shift?
  11. Muskrat, penguins don't exist. Arsenic or cyanide?
  12. Lamp, the ceiling fan is fixed in place, and has only two attacks, spinning fast or spinning slow. Glass bottle or aluminum can?
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