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  1. You're an amazing staff member (: Congrats to your 5 years
  2. Ponies ponies ponies swag :v

  3. xRayne93


    Welcome to Kh13 (: Hope you enjoy it here ^^
  4. Tainted Love

    1. Sora's Baby

      Sora's Baby

      The love of a siner.

  5. I about to eat ramen...yum >w<

  6. xRayne93

    Two More Days; Aqua

    What song is this? :3 It sounds like it could be from Hawthorne heights....but i might be wrong o-o
  7. Nothing has really made me angry today...it's been pretty laid back, actually Im off work today wooooo lol What about you guyysss?
  8. Thanks for the invite ^^ How do you edit your About sectiooon? o3o

    1. Junko


      click the 'edit my profile' button

  9. Hey there people (: I doubt many of you remember me, but I used to be an active member here. KH13 had helped me a lot with any questions I had, relating to Kingdom Hearts. The videos also helped me in my video editing. Unfortunately, I have outgrown most video editing I used to do, but recently, I've thought about picking it up again, but I just feel I've lost the rhythm. I've also outgrown playing many video games, I'll pick up my Pokemon HG sometimes , but Kingdom Hearts has become one that I don't play anymore. Yet, I am still interested in keeping up with the story line . I think that Nomura is amazing for creating such a great story line; I love how everything intertwines and all comes together and all the mysteries. I'm gonna start posting here again (: I've graduated (: and working at McDonald's . It's not so bad as people might think, it can get pretty stressful if you don't know what your doing D: buuuuuut I'm getting the hang of things! I live in Coloradoooo.....moved from Missouri. Love it here, the mountains are so beautiful! o-o I wonder if you can see them from all over the state....o3o I'm 6,035 feet above the sea level. Like a boss. ...Pikes Peak, is 14,110 feet though O-o...wow. Do you know how long it would take to climb that sheeet? Im out~ (:
  10. Im online...after so long lol

    1. Demyx Xymed

      Demyx Xymed

      good for you!


    2. Mirr0rVS13


      Again, welcome back! ^_^

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