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  1. What I prefer to do every day is Imagine and acting.
  2. Welcome to the site! I'm also new here,I've been for 3 days here but,I'm liking it.Hope you enjoy it too.
  3. Javier


    Thank you. My signature will come soon I just got to do some things before I put it.
  4. Javier


    Why I would release them I love them.
  5. Thats ok,I just wanted to know what other people think since no one thinks a like.
  6. Javier

    call key blade master???

    I would click help and it might appear: "We are sorry to inform you that are Keyblade Master is busy.Would you like to call him" Me: Yes please K.M.:Eraqus speaking what do you need? Me:Well,I was calling to see if...YOU CAN FIX MY DAMMED COMPUTER THAT IS BEING FILLED WITH HEARTLESS AND IS GOING TO DESTROY MY SPANISH PROJECT! *Hangs up* stupid old man... *appears from screen* Eraqus:Who your calling old man?! Me: Aaaah! Dad get the shotgun a freaky old man came out of my computer! Dad:Yeah,yeah thats very nice Javier. Me: D:
  7. If other game companies would like to be in the KH series and Sora would still be the main Character,Would it be good or a very bad idea? Example(Don't make fun of it,its an example):Capcom One of the games:Resident Evil World Name:It could be Raccon City Enemies:Zombie Heartless: (Wait...Wont they return once you kill it.WTF!) Characters in the world:Chris,Leon,Jill,Clair(Clare whatever),etc,etc Goal:Save citizens,Find cause of the problem. New Keyblade:? ? ?(I don't know) Well what do you think? Every answer counts so don't be afraid and thank you for reading. -Javier
  8. Its too late.While I was saving money 3 weeks later they say that now the 3DS is in $170. and besides I'm gonna collect the DSes but I'm not getting the small size if its the same thing... -3-
  9. Javier


    Lol ok,thanks.
  10. Thats true. Japanese get everything first,why can't we get something that the Japanese haven't got yet.I don't care if I don't have a 3DS I'm getting the game(even though my parents will get annoying because I don't have the console since I'm buying a DSi XL from a friend).
  11. Javier


    What does everyone do here usually?
  12. Javier


    Thanks everyone. I feel less nervous now.
  13. I've play the game,Its hard at first but I got used to it.Sometimes the heartless were such cheaters and put you in a corner,I always get mad and wish to punch the TV to get all the rage out.I always had problems with Axel and Marluxia.You can do it! don't let the game beat you!
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