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  1. I'm back!!! OORAH!!!

    1. teh lazy prince Xylek

      teh lazy prince Xylek

      'ello hows...ummmm boot camp?

  2. Damion Strife

    Kingdom Hearts: Incarcerated RP

    (OOC: Goood Morning KH13!! Back from Boot Camp, 7x's stronger, and ready to put up one heck of a post!) Felix buried his face in his hands and looked around at his comrades. "I...have something to say. It's mission sensitive...it's...some serious shit guys," Felix said covering his face, "I'm useless to you now. I'll never be at the level I was." He crossed his legs and sat like a child. He held his arms and a tear slowly slipped out of his eye. What was he doing? He had no reason to explain himself to these people. But here he was. "I've lost Axel. He's...he's gone," Felix said slowly, "He gave his life for us back there...I wasn't doing my job...and I killed him." Scott's mind was riddled with a new purpose. It was time for him to get back to the mission. He would hang back, and let all of the regulars kill eachother off. Then he'd strike right after an attack. It was perfect. His focus was on that gang he and Alexis had fought. That rag tag group of children with gifts would die, and he'd do it because he was the best. Victor slumped over, and sat down. "No...this is pointless. We kill all the inhabiters, and then what? Kill myself? Please. What is the point?" ,he asked. He shook it from his head. Got back up, and walked north. He'd bump into one eventually. They were all moths heading towards an inevitable flame.
  3. I'm off to Boot Camp on December 17th! I'll be gone for three months!! See ya'll when I get back! I'm gonna be a Marine!

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    2. AROD666


      good luck i want to join the national guard one day take care bro

    3. teh lazy prince Xylek

      teh lazy prince Xylek

      keepin are waters safe

    4. Damion Strife
  4. Damion Strife

    Kingdom Hearts: Incarcerated RP

    Hey ya'll bad time but I gotta go. I give my characters to Always and Whimper buddy. I'm off to Camp Pendleton on December 17th! I'm gonna be gone for three months. Boot Camp ya'll!!! See ya when I get back!
  5. Damion Strife

    Damion's Poems

    (Ok this one is probably the best I've got. I've had some things come up these past months and I gotta say this sums it up.) Getting ready to go just not quite so easy, I thought it would be faster than this, All calm cool and breezey, But here's the thing I've got a lot to miss. My family is here and my friends are here, All of my things and everything I need, I won't leave without sheding a tear, But all of these things my doubts feed. Did I make the right choice? Yes without a doubt I did. Once I'm there will I be able to silence my voice? For nineteen years I have kept it hid. It's not that easy I keep telling myself, I just want to know I'll have someone, But I gotta put all my emotions on the shelf, When I get on that plane I am the only one. I am the only one there who cares, I am the only one there who sees, I am the only one there who breaks, I am the only one there who cries out in pain, and all these things I leave behind... No more tears, No more sorrow, I must forget my fears, Read my letters and from them strength borrow. I am not going to go down, I will push until my body breaks, I will move over this like a storm over a town, Even if my whole world quakes. I am not going to fall, I'm going to rise, At the end I'll stand tall, Touch the skies. This is how it will be, All that I ask of you, Is to put your trust in me, You'll see what I can do. Then when I'm out, I'll make damn sure to come see you. That way I can shout, How greatful I was for doing what you do.
  6. I'm back!!! It's been a while since I've been on so I've got a lot of things to talk about and I'm sure ya'll do too! I'm sorry I've been away for a while but having no internet will do that to ya. I hope everyone enjoyed thanksgiving!

  7. Damion Strife

    Kingdom Hearts: Incarcerated RP

    (OOC: Well shoot...I just got internet back...)
  8. Damion Strife

    Damion's Poems

    I'm the oldest of four...so I really feel their pain.
  9. Damion Strife

    Kingdom Hearts: Incarcerated RP

    Dalton noticed Callum falling down, so he picked him up and carried him out. Felix noticed that Dalton didn't go back for Rebekah, after letting go of her hand so he went back. "I'm sorry I'm late...come on, let's get out of here..." ,he said gently grabbing her hand.
  10. Damion Strife

    Kingdom Hearts: Incarcerated RP

    Dalton quickly held up his shield and grabbed Rebekah's hand and then grabbed Callum, he held them close, and attempted to flee the house. Felix grabbed the gun out of the pool, and casually walked to the back door and grabbed Reilly's head. He then strolled to the front yard, and punted it across the street. "You stupid bastard..." he said laughing.
  11. My likes=Electabuzz's number! xD

  12. Damion Strife

    Damion's Poems

    Lolz...I used to have to deal with it a lot...still do with my five year old sister...boy I wish she didn't grow up so fast...
  13. Damion Strife

    Kingdom Hearts: Incarcerated RP

    Felix dodged the blades, and picked up shattered pieces of lightbulb. He threw them at Reilly, then charged at him with anohter punch, and afterwards he ran outside.
  14. Damion Strife

    Kingdom Hearts: Incarcerated RP

    "Fine by me. I've been looking forward to this," he said darkly. He ran at Reilly and went for a right hook towards his jaw.
  15. Damion Strife

    Damion's Poems

    But...telling them what they are isn't good enough. You have to tell them they are the best. Why? Because every girl is beautiful, but they all want to know that the guy they are with thinks they look the best. This, is the truth of life.