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  1. Not-with-a-whimper

    What don't you like in the KH series?

    I'm glad the Xehenort Saga is coming to an end, because I'm tired of every single bad guy/thing being him. Summons can actually be incredibly useful, especially if you watch someone do a speedrun of one of the games.
  2. Though Riku gets Dark Barrier and Dark Roll, I really enjoyed playing as Sora. I had him equipped with sliding block and steep climb. I would go up to enemies and block, so that if they were attacking I would be safe and able to counter attack, but if not then I would do some damage, knock them off balance, and follow with a spinning assault. For whatever reason I felt like that "offensive defense" fighting style really fit Sora. Although Riku got a lot of cool commands and the link styles, I felt like the dream eaters tended to feel more natural with Sora than Riku, and enjoyed certain link attacks and dual links. Riku is definitely cool, but Sora can be pretty fun to play as too.
  3. Not-with-a-whimper

    General stuff about Naminé

    Haha I liked it, but I think that the game was at its best outside of the weird little digital mission areas. That stuff didn't feel like Kingdom Hearts to me. Loved the turn based battles in Olympus Coliseum, and the side scrolling and on rails shooting portions were great fun.
  4. Not-with-a-whimper

    General stuff about Naminé

    Well I'm almost entirely certain that DiZ figured out that it was Riku who transformed into SoD. It should say something to that effect in the Ansem Reports in Kingdom Hearts 2. She may or may not know that, however. We really aren't certain that Roxas will disappear when Ventus returns. I know that the reason Roxas seemed to have a heart almost immediately is because the section of Sora's heart that was Ventus's broken heart joined Roxas, but by the end of things I think that Roxas had become his own person. As evidence (though it is loose) to support this, the intro video to KH 3D shows Roxas and Ventus separately. I agree with your statement about Namine, though. in KH: CoM it feels unfortunate, but with the full videos and voice acting of Re: Chain, it was really sad.
  5. In addition to the fact that we're getting two final mixes, lets not forget that they'll also be in stunning HD and that BBS will finally be playable on the tv! So excited.
  6. Man, this is a great time for Kingdom Hearts news to be coming out. It keeps me pumped and gives me a good distraction from some other stuff.

  7. Would you mind telling me where the bossin' awesome picture in your signature came from? I'd greatly appreciate it.

    1. SinHeartlessAngel


      Its the Xenoblade one right? i just typed in Xenoblade in google images, and poof. it was there.

  8. Not-with-a-whimper

    Kingdom Hearts: Incarcerated RP

    (OOC: I am so terribly, terribly sorry. I really have no excuses. I promise to be better, though!) Troy and Keilani set foot in the parking lot behind the restaurant and got off of the keyblade glider, it vanishing in a flash before them. "After you," he said as he bowed gently to Keilani and gestured towards the door. Scott was hurt, then pissed that he had let his emotions get the better of him for so long. He was the best assassin in the world, after all. He knew better than this crap! "Get your sorry ass out of here and don't let me ever see your face again," was all he could think to say to the girl he had changed for. Now far more Chernabog than Corey, instead of sidestepping the attack he attempted to punch the blade aside, not caring that it landed a winding blow on him as he attempted a direct punch at Joy, ignoring the threat of Mariah for the moment.
  9. Not-with-a-whimper

    Kingdom Hearts: Incarcerated RP

    Due to the attack aimed at Corey, he released his pent up power before he was ready, launching a terrifying onslaught of flames right at Mariah. Even at this potency, without being fully charged, it was still enough to incinerate any normal human who may have gotten caught in it. In a rage, Corey turned to face Joy, attempting to punch him with Chernabog's demonic fists.
  10. Not-with-a-whimper

    Kingdom Hearts: Incarcerated RP

    Felix attempts to grab Callum and sling him onto his back. "Hey, man, I'm sorry I haven't been the best friend or leader lately. I'm going to try to fix that, and even though I don't like it too much, I'll do my best to give you a shot with Aqua. Let's get you to the street, alright?" he asked, and then turned to Rebekah, asking her to please call an ambulance. Troy responded, saying "Well I figure that we'll both be tired and hungry after a while, so I figured that we could maybe stop by a nice restaurant? Besides, this will probably be the last real amount of time we'll be able to spend together." Corey stood resolute against the incoming attacks, blocking them with the back sides of his demonic wings and gathering untold power within the dark shield they provided.
  11. Not-with-a-whimper

    Kingdom Hearts: Incarcerated RP

    As Mariah hung in the air overhead, Corey leaned back and allowed a surge of flame to rise up from within him. As he breathed out a cone of all consuming fire, he was hit hard in the back by Joy, bringing the flames to a stuttering halt, the attack at Mariah being reduced dramatically in power. While the blade had slammed him hard in between the wings at his back, luckily that area was blackened as well, a sign of Chernabog's influence, giving it far greater toughness than normal flesh. The blow had been so powerful, however, that it left a painful gash and threw Corey into the house, or what was left of it, nearby. "It'll take a good little while, Keilani, so we should probably take a break after standing on it for so long. It shouldn't take us terribly long, though, just a few hours. Is that alright, sweetheart?" Troy asked her, suddenly very appreciative that Ventus had let him share a part of his heart and concerned for Callum, who was still without. Troy further resolved his decision to do everything he could to get both of their hearts back, especially since something wasn't feeling quite right with Troy at the moment, something that had been nagging at him for a little while now... Felix sighed soulfully, the kind of thing that Axel would have done. "Look, I left because, well, because I haven't been feeling quite right. I haven't been the best leader for this group, haven't been able to keep everyone safe. I just wasn't strong enough. I've also been having less and less control of my actions, getting viciously aggressive. I'm so sorry, Rebekah. I promise I'll never leave you again." His eyes fell downcast and repentant, leading him to accidentally notice Callum in his time of need. "Callum? Damn, man, are you okay?" he asked as he ran to his side.
  12. Not-with-a-whimper

    Kingdom Hearts: Incarcerated RP

    Corey saw Mariah diving for his legs, and even though he knew that letting Joy get his sword back would be the bigger threat, he felt more like fighting on instinct and rage alone, letting Chernabog's raw power guide his movements. His leg shot up to kick Mariah as she dove towards his shins, and he absently summoned an spirit to distract Joy for a moment. Troy couldn't bear to leave Keilani, not like this, so instead he held her tight in his arms and hoped beyond all hope that everyone would be alright.
  13. Not-with-a-whimper

    Kingdom Hearts: Incarcerated RP

    Corey swiftly took in the positions of his playthings, those who would wish to think themselves his "opponents" as if they stood a chance. Corey turned to face Joy, grasping the incoming blade in both of his demonic hands, allowing Joy's momentum to push him far back from Mariah's incoming blow. Still holding the blade, Corey attempted to sling Joy around by it's handle into Mariah. Troy looked deeply into Keilani's scared but willing eyes. He kissed her on the top of the head for assurance, before asking her a simple question. "Would you like me to stay? I can keep you company, help you focus, and keep you safe. I could also head back to help Joy and Mariah, however. I'm yours, Keilani, and I'll do whatever you want me to. So what will it be?"
  14. Not-with-a-whimper

    Kingdom Hearts: Incarcerated RP

    Since I honestly can't remember how the fight was going aside from that Troy took Keilani away when Corey showed up and Joy and Mariah are fighting him, I'm going to start the fight over, if that's alright. I think that they were all outside. If I need to go back and edit anything, please let me know and I will be more than willing to do that. "Come and taste despair. I will teach you the meaning of defeat!" Corey exclaimed as he unfurled his wings to their greatest extent. He hovered there in the air, a dark spot, blocking out a good portion of the sun to Joy and Mariah down below. His mouth opened wide, revealing devilish fangs before he roared down fire upon the two warriors.
  15. Not-with-a-whimper

    Kingdom Hearts: Incarcerated RP

    Time skipping sounds like a good plan. We'll develop a short run down of what has been happening back and forth the whole time, and then jump right in to the good parts.