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  1. omg there circles and also sometimes called personal space and colorlyfull omg whats up with bubbles:heart:
  2. well i never really had any of this in mind when i was playing but ive started the first again and will beat it completely with the secret a=ending
  3. have any of you seen it i think its one of the best shows ever me y mi familia own all of the seasons and movies
  4. probaly underdog last night but before that transporter 2
  5. YOU GOT A FRIEND IN ME!!!!! omg this is my first thread in a while and its about toy story i knooooooow well anyway the 3D toy story double feature comes to theaters oct second for two weeks only and toy story 3 in 3D come out june of next year as in every thread my question? are u a toy story freak do u think the the 3rd movie will suck as most thirds do whos your fav character my answers kinda cause i was really excited to hear about the double feature "have to see it" yes the third will probally suck but who knows rex and buzz and mr potato head and the horse and the slink and the car and zerg
  6. SUPER CHICKEN http://www.wilkesworks.com/images/super_chicken.jpg what do you think?
  7. i love scooby doo, dont you hey that rhymes so you all know the show, the new show, the stupid cartoon movies and of course the older ones are better like zombie island, the awsome real life movies my question is whats your favorite? mine is Scooby Doo where are you zombie island witches ghost alien invasion the vampire one was okay i guess and maybe there were others and then i love the real life movies but there is one thing im fearing the new one will suck so what do you think
  8. end of august and mal you and your possy need to come to NORTHWest
  9. Yeeeeeeessssssssss and they are a-em 1.sora is a weak bastard 2.soras health 3.is annoyin because like his feet are HUGE 4.ansem(so called) is annoying 5.its not kh2
  10. my own personal touch to the starwars imperial march
  11. like no duh ill see it for 1 its alice in wonderland and 2 its in 3D
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