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  1. Final Form is da best!! XDDD haha i killed Heatless n Nobodies just by jumping n gliding~its fun! Tho i really like the colour of Wisdom Form~~
  2. i didn't really go bawling, but i did almost cried when Sora(Roxas) cried b4 leaving Twilight Town,n when Sora finally met Riku again in KHII..
  3. hye~!! welcome to the forum~!!! lol.i haven't been around here for a very long time myself....
  4. 84..i like youtube!! so don't you mean,especially??
  5. owh~! so mine is this-->
  6. Yeah..just level up would be fine~ but upgrading it into another form? i dunno...
  7. 1. favorite anime? 2. favorite character? 3. favorite kh character? 4. funniest anime? 5. sadest anime moment? 6. sadest kh moment? 1.Doraemon!!Fullmetal Alchemist,Bleach. 2.right now,its Hitsugaya-taichou~~~~ 3.DEMYX!! XDD 4.hurmm...doraemon?Alice Academy is funny too~ 5.Edward n Alphonse flashbacks with their mother....TT^TT 6.when Sora meets Riku again in KHII!!
  8. YAY~~!!! I wanna play as DEMYX~!!!!! n Zexion n Roxas~~~ XDDDDD
  9. uh..i can't remember...
  10. lol i dunno why ,but i really like Estonian Goofy: Kupi KUPI~~~~~!!!!!!
  11. XDDD thanx!! i haven't been aronud for like...months..... thank you soo much!!
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