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  1. [align=center]I did... And I feel SO accomplished...~! It was EVERYWHERE, lawdy~! 8D *pats self on shoulder* ~Summer~[/align]
  2. [align=center]By the looks of it, turns out it's like she was never there...3 Which is SO sad~! Xion was like... awesome~! GAWD, and she was so cute, so cute I wanted to eat her~! D8 Just a little bite~! But yes, so sad... <3 At least we remember her~! >': ~Summer~[/align]
  3. [align=center]D'awww~!<3 You guysss...~! Y'all are so nice; thanks for the sweet understandings and welcome backs and compliments!! 8D I feel so wuvved~!<3 ^_^ <3 *gives you all sea salt ice cream* <3 ~Summer~[/align]
  4. [align=center]Aye, aye, aye~! First of all, I do believe that it would be most appropriate for an apology~! Goodness gracious, I keep coming back, only to vanish once more! lol~! Though, let's see how long I can stay now~. Anyone care to bet~? Heehee, just teasin'~!<3 Though, hello people I know as well as the ones I don't~! 8D Call me Summer~! Tis' a pleasure to be chatting with you on such a fine day-er, night... Yeah, it's like 1 A.M. here... I need bed, but I'm too lazy to crawl to my bed. I feel so hardcore~ Yeah! I'm cornier than ethanol, cheesier than provolone, and I got the swagger of a cripple!... Sweet mercy, I'm sleepy. Moving on however! I COULD make up this REALLY long and drawn out excuse as to WHY I haven't been here, and guess what~? 8D I am~ BUT, it's an HONEST excuse~ Well, I've been finishing up as much school, tests, exams, as well as extra credit as MUCH as I can, I've been doing odd jobs for people, since I haven't YET found a job though I'm in the process of doing, I'm preparing myself for graduation which is in less than a month, WOO! I'm training myself for the medical field as of now. I WAS going to go into becoming a barber, or something of the sort, however... The course was WAY expensive... more expensive than my second 'to do' career... so I went with the second theory, and ta da! Medical school showed it's head, AND I'm now in the process of healing from surgery that I had a few weeks ago, and it's coming along QUITE nicely! (: I'm nearly fully healed, thank goodness! Oh, the irony~! Surgery, medical school...~ Oh, how easily amused, I am~ Laugh with me, laugh~!... Oy... I believe I need to shut up before y'all stick a twinkie down my throat. I swear, hand me a keyboard at 1: ...06 A.M., and I'll go to town with a full length story~ Anyways, again, I'm sorry for not being here~! <3 I've missed my buddies! D: So, it's good to be back, and I hope to be meetin' some new buddies! Don't worry! I won't bite~ ...hard~ (; Heehee~<3 So, feel free to message me, talk, whatever! 8D Good to be back, y'all, and a good day and or night to all of you lovely people~! I tip my *imaginary* hat to all of you~! <3 ~Summer~[/align]
  5. [align=center]...to ask one of the Organization members ANY question, what would it be~? I would ask... Axel: "Do you like spicy food~?" ... Yeah, I could have probably came up with a better one, but I believe I've lost my brainpower~! I'll give an $88 reward if y'all can find my wit~! o= ~Summer~[/align]
  6. [align=center]I bet an entire dollar that Axel uses that Got2b hair glue that helps you spike hair~. That stuff works like a charm, I tell ya~! And I think pretty much MOST of the cast has SOME kind of product in their hair~. As for Marluxia... Well, we all know that's natural~. ~Summer~[/align]
  7. [align=center]Hehe~! Guess~! <3 I love both VERY much, but cats have always had a special place in my heart~! I miss my past kitty... )': .~...R.I.P. Bianca...~. <3 ~Summer~[/align]
  8. [align=center]Awww~! D'= We'll miss you~! ;~; Don't forget about us, and we'll look forward to seeing you on Friday's and weekends~! :'3 Have fun in school~! =D *gives a basket full of brownies* <3 ~Summer~[/align]
  9. [align=center]Awwww~! Cricket, that was so sweet~! Nearly brought tears to my eyes~! ;~; I hope you have a wonderful graduation, and I wish you the best for your careers~! Those are such great goals, and you're to be truly commended~! =D And thank ya much, Jeny~! ^.^ Thank you too, Got it memorized~! =D *tosses sand dollars to everyone* x3 ~Summer~[/align]
  10. [align=center]And I can't WAIT~! I'm TOTALLY psyched, y'all, and I just can't WAIT~! Hopefully, I'll have enough money saved by this summer to get me a truck too~! >D I want a Ford F-150, preferablly in red or black, and I want off-road tires, and I wanna' jack it up REAL high, and black leather interior would be off the CHAIN, and--... Sorry... I'm getting off topic, BUT ANYWHO~! Graduationnn~! 8D I've gotta say, I'm nervous. My school's not TOO big, however I'm going to have to give a speech to thank the school, and blah, blah, blah... The boring stuff. But aside from that, I'm just thrilled I'll be outta' school, and I can focus on my career~! I wanna' be a barber SO badly~! That just seems like a ton of fun~! I LOVE talking to people, and cuttin' and stylin' hair... That's just SO much fun to me~! It's like art~! <3 But how about y'all~? 8D Are any of you going to be graduating this year~? And if so, what are y'all looking forward to~? And if not, what do you want to do as your career~? =D ~Summer~[/align]
  11. [align=center]Aw, gosh! I'm sorry it ticked ya off, Axel! Want me to get out ma lazur, and we can go run a muck throughout the entire world, destroying lands, and interrupting broadcasts while ladies with overdone makeup and hair go 'WTF' and then there will be a small implosion on the land of Peru, thus forming yet another volcano on the island of Hawaii, and then oompa lloompa's pop out of a toaster, and then we all meet at McDonalds to satisfy our Big Mac cravings?! >D 'Cause I'm willin' to if you are~! ...I'm sorry. I dunno' what came over me... 'xD ANYWAYS~ I do wish I could help ya, but all I can do is say I'm sorry and give ya this~! *gives a cookie* x'3 ~Summer~[/align]
  12. [align=center]As old as the dirt you walk upon... O: I make the sandwich meat in the back of your fridge appear brand new~! Sorry~! I'm almost 17~! => ~Summer~[/align]
  13. [align=center]To Larxene12: Oh, thanks a lot~! Shoot, the welcome is all the same~! x3 To jenyflo5483: D'awwww~! x33 You're welcome~!<3 Stole the flowahs straight from Marluxia himself~! >.> So, don't let him see them~. p; To Clueless: THANK YOU~!<3 Heehee~! Aw, thanks~! x3 I appreciate that~! I hope so too~! Ox ~Summer~[/align]
  14. [align=center]Awwwww~! DDD': I'm sorry~! I hope it heals in time too~! *gives a plate of cookies* x3 And you're not a klutz, it was just an accident~! Feel better~! <3 ~Summer~[/align]
  15. [align=center]Aw, glad you're feeling better~! =D Shoot, I can only imagine the magic that comes forth from the tablet~! O: Sweet, can't wait to see~! =D ~Summer~[/align]
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