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  1. Great find kinda like xemnas battle huh? hee hee ^_^
  2. meerrryyyy christmasssss TO ALL AND TO ALL GOOD NIGHT... i didn't watch any christmas movies i hate mah tv lol
  3. get lvl 80 on aqua i stopped hers a long time ago lol
  4. So after vanitas was formed there was only light in ven? and when he fused with sora, sora had a heart and a half? NOW IM CONFUSED?
  5. kinda catchy but ya i dunno if its real kinda bit to techno not like boss battle ....
  6. i wish it could be english for fm but ya id say get it modded best way dont waste ur time going to ebay or sumtin
  7. omfg no fair why can't we have a game here you guys don't give us kh2fm but you make bbs fm for yourselfs no fairrrr :[ oh well if it has bonuses i guess il buy
  8. just beat vanitas settlement or what ever got void it preety good for terra ;D next up mysterious enemy lol
  9. ima do it on critical.. Me:omg its a boss i hope he dosent talk bout darkness... Boss:darkness owns light. Me:SHUD UP!!!!! Boss:slaps Me:-dies-
  10. roxas is right vanitas is bad bum -avoids swearing- lolz that's why he can hold it oh and also it looks so like flat to me :[ i dunno why i call it the paper blade O_o
  11. off topic naruto i have that pic!! on topic i voted super awesome and who voted dagey is awesome is that true?
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