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  1. Hi all, Long time no see, I'm currently writing a thesis on the dubbing of Kingdom Hearts and I'm trying to find an interview source where Nomura said that he cast Hamill and Nemoy as he loved Star Wars and Star Trek, I've been looking through the interview archives and I can't seem to find its source, google has been even less helpful, if anyone knows the interview source it would really help a lot! Thanks
  2. You can if you make a japanese paypal and use your card details in that Anyway I figured out the problem they still had the preorder copy up and hadn't updated it so it wouldn't let me purchase
  3. Just out of curiosity have Square Enix removed the ability to purchase the game digitally on PS4? I made a Japanese Square Enix account today with the hopes of purchasing but I'm not getting any option to buy the game? Any help would be appreciated!
  4. chrisora2066

    A special someone voiced my outro for YouTube

    Prior to playing Young Xehanort in DDD, Ben had played KH1 and 2 but didn't play any of the handhelds as he didn't own the systems
  5. Haha I've tried it before it's legit! Timing has to be very precise on it though
  6. chrisora2066

    Unchained X update

    So I was in the middle of a raid boss and this happened, anyone experience this bug? I hope we get jewels for this...
  7. chrisora2066

    KHUX NA - Unicornis Party - Awakened

    My ID is 3431
  8. chrisora2066

    Do I need a cerdit or Debit card for amazon?

    Don't lie boss you just want another FOB for Diamond Dogs ;-;7
  9. chrisora2066

    If there is a Kingdom Hearts Re:x [chi]

    Never going to happen as Sora96 said its a waste of resources and its a waste of time. Hope it gets translated is the only option for now.
  10. chrisora2066

    Would you want KH3D ported to PS4?

    Even if they didn't outsource it shouldn't be too hard for them with DDD the biggest job would be changing anything that was prviously on the touchscreen to the touchpad. It would definitely not take as much work as the ReMix's due to it being one game on its own rather then 2 games and making about 2 and a half hours of cutscenes.
  11. chrisora2066

    KH3D in HD... is it confirmed?

    My guess is it'll be included when they port 1.5 and 2.5 over which is pretty much confirmed to happen since they're porting X/X-2 HD.
  12. chrisora2066

    Legitimate plot holes

    KH isn't in the same universe as any of the FF's
  13. chrisora2066

    Legitimate plot holes

    Regardless of if he had a giant Key or not your not going to remember him well after 10 years. They hung out for an hour. You can't honestly tell me you've met people 10 years ago and never had contact with them or seen them since you remember them. I just sort of realised this one recently enough unless being a Keyblade Master gives you power to detect wielders in other worlds. Anyway there's no reason for Mickey to have known the goings on of Destiny Islands or its inhabitants.
  14. chrisora2066

    Legitimate plot holes

    I think its more Terra told Riku not to tell anybody and so he got very secretive about that also he was clearly trying to get with Kairi cause he knew how damn fine she would be when she was older so this was he's way of flirting a bit with her. Probably needed someone on his side to agree to eat Sora if they ran out of food as well... :PAnyway I big plot hole I've found is Mickeys letter, how did he know that if Donald and Goofy went to Traverse Town they'd find someone with a Keyblade1. The islands hadn't been destroyed2. Riku is who he would have been referring to cause he was meant to have the Keyblade. Riku was the one who opened the door and basically destroyed the islands and started using Darkness leading to him ending up in Hallow Bastion.
  15. chrisora2066

    What Video Game Has Ever Scared You?

    Sonic Boom, Nuff said.