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  1. This guide will explain the trophies available in Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance], including their names, description, and what benefits occur from obtaining them. Thanks to Nermin Colakovic for the original write-up. Trophy List In the Clear: Proof you have finished the story. Badge of Pride: Proof you have finished the story in Proud Mode. Stop Drop Roller: Proof you have obtained 2,000 drop points. King of Rush: Proof you have taken first place in every Flick Rush cup. Keyslinger: Proof you have taken out 2,500 Dream Eaters. In the Munny: Proof you have amassed 5,000 munny. Dream Pleaser: Proof that you have maxed out every Spirit's Affinity Level. Portal Champ: Proof you have completed every Special Portal and Secret Portal. Daring Diver: Proof you have scored more than 7,500,000 points in Dive Mode. Motion Slickness: Proof you have defeated 1,000 enemies while in Flowmotion. Treasure Seeker: Proof you have found every last treasure. Spirit Guide: Proof you have obtained at least one of every spirit. Critical Praise: Proof you have finished the story in Critical Mode. Reality Shifter: Proof you have defeated 50 enemies using Reality Shift. Pro Linker: Proof you have linked with your spirits at least 50 times. Stat Builder: Proof you have maxed out every stat-boosting ability. Memento Maniac: Proof you have saved at least 20 photos while bonding with spirits. Frequent Friend: Proof you have placed at least 30 Link Portals. Benefits As well as it being a fun task, there is a purpose to obtaining trophies in Kingdom Hearts 3D! Trophies are necessary in order to unlock the Secret Movie of the game. To unlock the Secret Movie in Standard Mode, you will need 7 trophies, and to unlock the Secret Movie in Proud Mode, you will need 5 trophies.
  2. Everyone has been added, will update the party member list soon
  3. Added! Welcome to the party! (good to have the two of you back)
  4. Hey everyone, decided to be quick and set up a Unicornis party. We have a variety of players so far, coming from a variety of timezones, so (hopefully!) we're aiming to have at least a few members online at any one time. While we're not hardcore perse, we do hope to have some chance at competing against other parties - so we do ask that you're active enough to take part! How to join: It's easy! Just search for your ID (which is in the top right of your character's menu), and leave it below; we'll add as many as we can, as soon as we can. Admins (feel free to ask us anything!): 1. Tenebrae (Leader) 2. Faaryn 3. Cale 4. Kelspel Thank you for considering our party, and we hope that we will see you in our ranks! -Tenebrae Member list (Quest Progress): 1. Tenebrae 2. Faaryn 3. ZEPH3R 4. Kelspel 5. Cale 6. IUS 7. Edaniel 8. FREDERICO 9. 1337H4X0 10. Justin 11. XILGBERT 12. Manuel 13. Azure 14. Hometown 15. Godzilla 16. Jolie 17. elysk117 18. Anthony 19. KHFAN94 20. Nathan 21. Domenik 22. Kinggold
  5. Sorry that I didn't let you guys hear me sooner, my phone data got corrupted so I had to do a factory reset, lost the game and my account. I won't start over on the japanese version, instead I'll be waiting for the English version in which I'll continue the initiative of having a Unicornis party, if anybody here decides to pick up on the English version aswell, you're more than welcome.
  6. Hoping for new medals since I have exactly 3000 jewels after maintenance and hoping one of those has attack up whole because currently only need to 100% complete 2 missions, both require that skill .
  7. Olympia boosts red on slot 4 for x2, green on slot 3 for x1.34 on max level (at least, the current max level. +10)
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