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  1. Talk about a Graveyard post.. this thread is over 5-6 years old.. Nice to see i get emails about it though.
  2. Time for the yearly check-in

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    2. Xiro


      I guess we haven't talked or anything but I guess it's one of those "Oh hey I've seen your name and stuff before but not anymore" things .-.

    3. Friend


      Ya i dont think i have posted anything constructive in... 2 years now here.. been a while...

      Anyhow the name is Friend. Pleasure to meet ya


    4. Xiro


      *remembers when I was just a wee newb*

      *rip old people who are gone*

      Likewise. I'm Xiro.

  3. Friend

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    2. Sora
    3. Friend


      Who are you and why have you awaken me from my eternal sleep?


    4. Sora


      Because I miss you Friend

  4. Now I don't know if you can for the original KH and some of the others on the ps2 but I know in some other games there is a file that runs when one of the cutsecnes run that puts up the subtitles. If you get rid of that file you should be able to get rid of the subtitles. Though if the subtitles are coded right into the video it self it might not work. Though since most of the cutsences are rendered with the ingame engine the posibilty is still there. Now how and where and even if kh has this kindy of system for subtitles i don't know I am just saying that there is a posibility Though before anyone starts to go and do this I also want to add that this might be illegal in some countries so keep that in mind while you are thinking about it.

    1. DChiuch


      Belated thanks

  6. Way down below the ocean. Where I wanna be, She may be (sings)

  7. And the snow is gone :(

  8. Once again North Korea is threatening everyone with nukes and war. Same @#$% different day. I am surprised we are not at war with them already after they sunk one of South's corvettes and then lunch a artillery attack on one of the towns.
  9. why do i have a feeling tha you tube is going to start making people watch the lower quility videos so it can save on bandwith ?
  10. hehehe sometimes its nice being a ginger (has no soul)
  11. Amazon and the Offical Square Enix store is the way to go. Ebay tends to be home to plenty of cheaply made fakes when it comes to merchandise and collectibles. If you are not in the mood for online orders you can also swing by Hot Topic. They tend to have a few Kingdom Hearts related gear.
  12. Welcome and have a wonderful time on the site
  13. I usually dont go for 100 percent. I am mostly contempt with just finishing the story line. Though I have 100 percent a few games (FF9, KH 1 & 2, and this one Japanese racing game I forgot the name of).
  14. To me i feel like i hear it everytime i close the sims but yet forget to save or when the sims crash and the last save state was from 3 hours ago
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