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  1. I love how he comes back just to post something pointless. Lol how we all love AD.
  2. Don't worry too much about it if you can still move it its fine. Put some ice on it and it will be good.
  3. Its a joke to most people. I guess its kinda rude to do. The guy that sent a e-mail may have a family member or friend that has tourettes but that still dosen't give him a right to sent a threat.
  4. My teachers all though we were in pre-school its such bull I hated it...
  5. Everyone said KH3D will be data world too so who knows whats they are going to do.
  6. Why make a DLC for 7 or 10 dollers when they can release a whole new disk for 40 dollers with extra stuff in it.
  7. Like Hatox said: It would have to be 2-3 UMD disk, and not to mention the graphics would be dumb down, and the lag would be horrible.
  8. The only magic I ever used was Aero and cure. Most of the time I would use the Keyblade.
  9. Ven is amazing one of my favourite charaters! I love him!!!!
  10. Lol. Thats so funny. hahaha. "the voices told to open the door!"
  11. So many different things can happen. I think it will happen right after coded or after CoM or Days.
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