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  1. I am officially leaving KH13. It was nice connecting to people here and there but, I'm out. I'm just extremely bored with everything. Besides I'm 22 going on 23. Isn't it time to grow up? This site is for little kids. Besides people get butthurt of stupid stuff on here (as well as the real world). WHy don't I stop with all the drama. But, yea I'll miss SOME of you all. Take care! And I hope this makes it out on the topic before Dan delete's it. Punk kids. >_> Oh and also! Go with God!
  2. Ok, so there is the correct to say it.
  3. XDDDD Actually it took me 3 years I'm actually the dumbest ^^
  4. You are actually the dumbest kids in the world. I got a GED in a year when it will take/took you guys 4 years to get a actually High School Diploma! XDDDDDD
  5. WOW! I truly miss KH13! Well, now I need to go to CHURCH! Bye! I'm a virgin...
  6. Giggity giggity, alright ;)

  7. I must confess I slept with all your moms.
  8. Do you ever eat chocolate covered grasshoppers or diet blood beer?
  9. I will never look at Xemnas the same after this video.
  10. my skype is spenskh89 same as here
  11. Ok In your post you used the words "us kids", To me that insists that us in our 20's are out of luck on this indeaver. If I am wrong please correct me. Anyway good idea I suppose.
  12. Ok so I have these two games. If anybody wants to play alingside me in these to games. PM me and we'll start. My ID on Nintendo 3DS is 266423742078. Or you can leave a messahe here. Bye.
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