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  1. I'm back again! :D I just got done with an internship at disney world....;.; I'm so sad it's over!

  2. Yoooo, what's up?

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    2. ShuichiSora


      sho go home. yer durank~

    3. Josuke Higashikata

      Josuke Higashikata

      Go drunk Soul, you're home!

    4. ShuichiSora


      i m telll you...


      mska is wer the home is. ''

  3. If it helps, I'm not a huge FF fan myself. However, I did love FF12. I'm not sure if veteran fans would recommend this one but I thought it was good.
  4. Here's some trivia: Every time I put kh13 into the google search engine, I always get results for a cargo flight in Hawaii named Kh13.

    1. Geotrix


      I get this all the time aswell.

  5. Hi guys, what's up?

  6. In my opinion, the pirates also didn't fit into the KH universe...and well...it's in there
  7. I never got to play birth by sleep b/c I didn't have a PSP, but I did watch the videos on youtube. Honestly, I think one of the reasons why it's such a fan favorite is because the story is simple and easy to follow. I'm not saying that's bad, it's actually works in the game's favor. By having a simple story line, it allowed me to connect to the characters and become invested in them. Thus, when the plot reached it's emotional climax, I remember crying. Personally, I think one of the main issues with KH games is the fact the storylines can be confusing at times unless you're very well versed in the game's lore. I remember when dream drop distance first came out, it took me awhile to REALLY understand some of the major plot points (not that it was super complex, it was just confusing). So, it's nice too see BBS has a story that's relatively easy to follow and has a mixture of great characters and drama.
  8. ....did you a review about this "game" by any chance?
  9. I can see the tangled+frozen theories as plausible...heck, I can even agree with the Ariel one to an extent. But the Tarzan one? Eh, no.
  10. You what's fun? Grading papers. You guys should give it a try.

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    2. WakingDawn96


      Two things,


      Silver that reminds me of The Fairly OddParents


      And Spiney, do you know what's even more fun? Saying the word know before saying what's fun.

    3. Amber Cole

      Amber Cole

      Maybe an occasional C

    4. Spiney


      hahahahaha, Xev, I totally didn't notice that xD Crap. Oh well, too late now. I will forever be known as idiot. :P



  11. Girl meets world trailer?! O_O COOOL!

  12. Males are so hard to draw. T~T Any advice?

    1. Zola


      Look at pictures of males while you draw them until you are used to drawing more masculine features.

    2. Kishira


      What zola said. Use lots of references to help you. :)

    3. Sikota Urinakano

      Sikota Urinakano

      From the shoulders to the groin is like a triangle. That's all I can say.

  13. For all of u disappointed with the finale, a new one is going to come out http://www.rollingstone.com/movies/news/how-i-met-your-mother-to-release-alternate-ending-20140405 YAY! Hopefully this one will be better.
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