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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. Nope, I'll wait for the localized release.
  2. I've never collapsed from exhaustion, so I'm technically getting as much sleep as I 'need' day-to-day. I sure feel like I need to sleep more though.
  3. I'm a little surprised The Last of Us didn't take GOTY, but not as surprised as I was when Bioshock Infinite won Best Shooter. I haven't played it personally, but everything I've heard about that game is that the gunplay gets in the way of the narrative. My interest has been piqued by Telltale. I think it's fascinating how they've managed to secure three additional franchises (Borderlands, The Wolf Among Us (Fables), and Game of Thrones) only by making The Walking Dead game. A really good game, to be fair, but I worry that their focus will be divided if their not careful with how many projects they take on. That said, I'm really excited for everything they do. Titanfall continues to be the game that has wooed game journalists everywhere, and I just haven't caught on to what they're seeing. I think I'm skeptical because I haven't played it and hesitant because it's multiplayer only. But hey, if it takes off, then I'll be happy to have been wrong in my lack of interest.
  4. If I have to pick I'll say the Lingering Sentiment, though it's a close call between pretty much every option on there.
  5. I would guess that two-three years from now multiplatform games will look the same across both consoles.
  6. I personally agree, but there's two reasons why it panned out the way it has (so far): -Install bases. The greater the number of systems sold, the great the chance your game will sell. Wii U hasn't got as much growth potential as X1 does at the moment. -The system spec similarities between PS4 and X1 have made it much, much easier for developer's to make games multiplatform for each of them.
  7. Is it downright impossible? Probably not, but the game isn't being designed for the Wii U from the ground up, it's being designed for X1 and PS4. To get it running on the Wii U would probably require reworking the game so it uses less RAM, likely less HDD space, and so that it fits onto a smaller disc size. Yes, multiple disc games are a thing, but it's an extra expense that Square would have to take into consideration. It's not about how the game looks, it's about how it uses the hardware during the gameplay. You're correct in that this is about install bases, and right now the Wii U's is doing terribly for a system that had a year head start on its competition. Even if/when the system sales pick up for the titles you mentioned, the PS4 and X1 titles are going to pick up as well. What happens when Titanfall comes out? Or Destiny? Or the next Uncharted? And who is going to buy a Wii U for their multiplatform games, not when developers start getting their proper next-gen titles out on the other systems. The Wii U is an excellent system for Nintendo games, but it lacks the spark of simplicity the Wii had, and it doesn't have parity with its competition in terms of specs. People are noticing differences in performance between X1 and PS4 games due to hardware differences. Imagine making a game for a system with 8gb of GDDR5 RAM, then being asked to port that to a system with 2gb of GDDR3. I'm not trying to bash the system in any way, but the hardware differences are worth considering alongside the audience sizes.
  8. You know, I've played through BBS twice, but I still get excited when I see screenshots for it. Not too surprised about the lack of KHIII showing; they have to make part of the actual game before they can show it off.
  9. My second half of 2013 was better than the second half of 2012, but 2012's first half was far better than 2013's.
  10. I like the world, the lore, and the combat. And the voice acting, they've always gotten good voice actors to cover the characters. I dislike the introduction of time-travel, the retreads of storylines (Oh look, there's a *bleeping* tournament at the Coliseum! Big *bleeping* surprise!), and many of the mini-games.
  11. So many games have RPG elements now I had to think about what actually qualifies. I play a few for sure; Dragon Age, a few Final Fantasies, Skyrim, and Pokemon. I want to make a case for X-Com to count as well. You train a personalized squad of characters into randomized, turn-based fights, gathering experience and unlocking abilities as you do so. Sounds close enough to me.
  12. Yes, though Mass Effect gives it some steep competition.
  13. So...about that 'no collection on the horizon' comment I made. Turns out it's literally impossible for me to be more wrong: http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/11/14/batman-arkham-collection-edition-announced
  14. YES, I completely forgot about that movie! Perfect for KHIII, make it happen Square. My munny is on Merlin returning.
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