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  1. I am hearing that Kingdom Hearts III could be released later this year, considering that the game is still in early development I highly doubt it will be released this year!
  2. For Party Members we have had Kingdom Hearts 1 Donald and Goofy, Ariel, Beast, Aladdin, Jack Skellinton, Peter Pan and Tarzan Kingdom Hearts 2 Donald and Goody, Jack Sparrow, Mulan, Beast, Aladdin, Jack Skellinton Simba, Tron, Auron and Riku Birth By Sleep - We didn't have party members as such just D - Links Dream Drop Distance - Party members were Dream Eaters (I wish Quasimodo was a party member) So for Kingdom Hearts 3 I think these characters should be party members who help fight in the final battle as well as you being able to play as them. Baloo Robin Hood Pocahontas Milo - Atlantis Jim - Treasure Planet Kuzco Rapunzel Wreck it Ralph For Pixar Woody and Buzz Flik Sully and Mike Dory or Melvin Mr Incredible Walle Merida
  3. HEARTLESS, HEARTLESS, HEARTLESS things havn't changed one bit!
  4. So far it's just been either worlds based on Disney animated classics but I believe it's about time some Pixar worlds came. Toy Story - Andy's Room Wouldn't it be great to see Sora transform into a toy I wonder what he would look like? A Bug's Life - Ant Island - or A Bug world Sora is shrunk to the size of a bug. Monster's Inc world (Montropolis) or Monster's scare factory In this world there are doors to all worlds. Finding Nemo - Blue Reef This MAY BE ANOTHER UNDER THE SEA World, however this is MORE AMAZING, with more mini games - Riding turtles in in the current, Racing through jelly fish, and many more! The Incredibles - Nomination Island Sora learns what it means to be a true super hero, when helping Mr Incredible save his family from Syndrome! Walle and Brave are also Pixar worlds I would like to see or maybe summons.
  5. So if voice recordings are done by the end of this year lets say, ... that could mean all the mechanics. All the characters, worlds and cutscenes are completed by the end of this year right? ... what are your thoughts on this ???
  6. I read on Kingdom Hearts III page on Disney Wiki; That in the trivia section - it says there are rumors that there will be worlds based from Star Wars and a Marvel world. I would like to visit Asgard ! But Pixar why are there no mentions or rumors about any Pixar worlds
  7. Nomura has already expressed interest in adding Star Wars Content. But how would Star Wars actually work, there are a lot of worlds to would take over the entire Kingdom Hearts series lol Can you imagine Sora, Goofy, and Donald in disguise as storm troopers lol
  8. I want to play as Disney characters this time I want to be able to switch characters in the third party members mode. (a bit like the choice you had with the Dream Eaters in dream drop distance) I would like to play as; Micky Mouse Donald Duck Goofy Sora Riku Kairi Baloo Pocahontas Woody and Buzz Sully from Monster's Inc. Rapunzel from Tangled Ralph from Wreck it Ralph
  9. Bambi Lady and the Tramp 101 Dalmatians The Aristo cats Fox in the Hound Oliver in Company The Emperor's New Groove Home on the Range Enchanted PIXAR Finding Nemo Ratatouiie Up Any other????
  10. New worlds releaved, but I think Nomura has picked the worlds he wants, he just needs to start planning out the worlds and what they will look like.
  11. I do not want to see the following worlds come back; Olympus Coliseum, that has already been in KH1, KH2 and Birth by Sleep, where as a lot of the best worlds have only appeared once or twice. SO NO OLYMPUS COLISEUM AS A PLAYABLE WORLD AGAIN. Worlds that have appeared just once; Wonderland, Deep Jungle, Beast's Castle Timeless River, Port Royal, Pride lands, Land of Dragons, Country of the Musketeers, Symphony of Sorcery, la cite des cloches , Dwarf Woodlands, Castle of Dreams, Enchanted Dominion So I don't want to see Agrabah again or Atlantica, or Halloween Town, even though in Kingdom Hearts 2 these worlds were made to look more interesting than what they did in KH1, and also there story lines were more or less based from there movies plot lines. BUT I DO NOT WANT THESE WORLDS COMING BACK! We have seen Mysterious tower a few times now, but it probably will make its way back to Kingdom Hearts 3! I mean where else is Yen Sid going to give instructions to Donald and Goofy and Sora and Riku. What worlds do you not want to see returning to Kingdom Hearts 3? .....
  12. We have not had summons to help us in the battles since Kingdom Hearts II In Kingdom Hearts I Dumbo Bambi Tinker Bell Genie Simba Mushu In Kingdom Hearts II Peter Pan Genie Stitch Chicken Little So in Kingdom Hearts 3 - there are summons, but how many summons should there be? and do you think we should have PIXAR characters as summons or some of the Muppets or the Avengers perhaps?
  13. There has been enough side games already, but now we are ready for the final battle!
  14. As a new year is almost upon us all, soon new Disney worlds could be revealed for the next instalment. Which 5 choices would you choose from.
  15. Why were there Disney elements in Traverse Town anyway? Geppetto's workshop in first District, Mad Hatter sign above shoe shop in 2nd district, 101 Dalmatian's house, Merlin's House, and Lady and the Tramp Statue in Third District. It seems like because Traverse Town is like a refuge town where if characters home worlds, if swallowed by Darkness they would end up in Traverse Town, but why not Twilight Town, no Disney characters appears in Twilight Town. Any way it seems that as Kingdom Hearts is based in a Disney Universe then some characters want to pay tribute to Disney characters.
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