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  1. How many story quests does the Japanese version currently have?
  2. winter 2018 as in November/December. Not January or February.
  3. Yeah, i agree. If KH3 was coming out in 2020 then 1.5+2.5 and 2.8 wouldn't have been released this year.
  4. I'd want to see the story of Aqua, Terra, and Ventus from the time they disappeared to when Sora first started his journey.
  5. Haha yeah even if it's just ends up being 358/2 days, Coded, and DDD. It'll be great!
  6. I know, me too! I wanna know more about KH 2.9. If this is every game being playable, it would fit Nomura's timeline of it taking 1 year to make the DS games playable on consoles.
  7. Yeah, I'm actually not liking my first idea much anymore. It wasn't too thought out. I think the guy who said there should only be one world visit but then you receive quest updates is a better idea.
  8. I'm wondering how the gym/elite 4 system will work. Also I'm betting the Pokemon that show up in the USA will be different than the Pokemon that show up in Africa or Europe. That trailer was definitely designed to get people hyped up, I hope we don't have to wait long for a gameplay trailer.
  9. I thought of a couple things yesterday that I thought were good. First: make second visits to worlds unlockable. For example: "you must reach level 30 to continue the story." or "beat _______ coliseum cup to continue." Second: while I'm opposed to a Star Wars world. I wouldn't mind something like Monstro in KH1 or the spaceship in KH: BBB. Where you are traveling between worlds and run into the Deathstar.
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