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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. With all the stuff that's pushed it back in the past I wouldn't be surprised if 2.8 set back KHIII by another two years.
  2. I swear, if this wasn't posted as fan art, I would've guessed it came straight out of Square Enix O.O amazing job
  3. Doesn't guarantee anything FF related, just that he's in the same studio he recorded his lines for FFX in. But still, never know.
  4. Love KH the way it is but... #1 coded, chi and especially 3D, no. Just no. Pass on fillers. And time travel. Except Mysterious Stranger from BBS, only exception. #2 A bit more reality to Sora and the crew's physical limitations like KH1 #3 More relationship elements to Sora and Kairi from KH2 on. Hand holding? Holding eachother? Kiss? On the cheek? Too much? #4 Simpler storyline. Make of that what you will.
  5. Technically, Heartless did exist then. They always had. They were born from the darkness of people's hearts before and after BBS. If you remember in BBS, there were a few instances were the Heartless were introduced as existing. When Eraquis informed Aqua and Terra of the new threat known as Unversed. Though while indirect, this implied the Unversed weren't the only threat to light. They all knew the Heartless as a viewed threat. When Aqua was in the RoD, she faced Darksides from all corners and seemed to recognize them. Don't confuse this with the Red Eye Heartless. Remember, pureblood Heartless had always existed but Emblem Heartless were created by Xehanort himself. Then, the most obvious example, Xehanort summoned Neoshadows (Purebloods but still Heartless) to attack Ven. They were aware of the existence of Heartless. Wether or not they were named is irrelevant, they knew of their existence and threat. Still odds are by then, they had been properly named. I mean come on, they've been around longer then Xehanort. They must've been named by then.
  6. As awesome as that sounds, after the whole Dream Eaters thing, I'm sort of on the fence about bringing in new enemies. Heartless and Nobodies are fine for me at this point. Sounds interesting though. Wonder what they'd do for something like that.
  7. No, just no. I will admit the movie, ruined Maleficent just abit for me but it wasn't horrible. But, no for KH, just no. Too many story/plot/character issues. No.
  8. Skateboarding (come on, too easy to leave out), Command Board most definitely, and maybe Rumble Racing. I was never too keen on the last one but it seems to be a fan favorite for everyone else.
  9. As much as I would love to see Underland in KH3, no chance. Though while I admit it's a much darker tone KH needs (desperately!), it's still too dark and overall, too differentiated from the original Wonderland concept used in the past. After all, small naive girl, easily tempered queen and two animals who are caught in he middle. TB's version is just too complicated to transfer into such a simple idea. Plus, there's then the whole time thing forwarding like 20 years. That only worked with Tron Legacy cause for all we knew, the dad could've been there for who knows how long. Plus it doesn't take much to corrupt data (hypothetically/KH speaking).
  10. I wouldn't call this horrible gaming, more like REALLY bad timing!
  11. This whole post has become irrelevant as through straight defiance (or pure stupidity), commercials for "The Interview" slated for a Dec 25th release are still playing this very second on TV. Oh Sony... *facepalms*
  12. I had the same problem. When you use a command (like Strike Raid for instance), you need to let go of R1/out of shortcuts and then hit triangle when it appears. The problem is if you press triangle while in shortcuts, it'll take as trying to access one ability while already using another.
  13. I see where you're coming from. I personally feel the "Xehanort Saga" should have ended with KHII. Well, the story progression anyway. KHII's ending felt like a conclusion and a great one at that. It felt complete. But then the secret ending and questions and blah blah blah. Personally I take no issue with BBS, I love that game but I sometimes ponder if it would've been better off as a spinoff instead of cannon. Don't get me wrong, love BBS's story entirely, just a thought. 358/2 was absolutely unnecessary but it was good for what it was. The series, for me, took a major hit with Re:Coded and especially DDD. Re:Coded was even more unnecessary and had no business existing and DDD just lost the true spirit of what I grew to love about KH: simplicity and diversity. Again all my opinions, none of these games are unplayable, they just felt disconnected from what the original three games had embodied. And the irony is that they're all supposed to connect KH. P.S. I wouldn't call FFXIII a failure, it was pretty damn successful and personally remains a favorite. It's story was gripping, linear yes, but that was the idea: targets on the loose, neither side wants anything to do with them, they only have each other, their dreams and a mission. The game wasn't perfect but a failure is kinda harsh.
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