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  1. it's alright I don't care anymore I'm tired of this to be honest let the hackers have there 5 mins of fame
  2. I tried both of those and i got the same message on IE and on Safari it said Webpage doesn't exist,
  3. Firefox I get this message Uh-oh, something went wrong! Error Code: 503
  4. I'm not going to let this bother me, I have my gamecube for the time being to keep me preoccupied so I'm all set no way they can hack that
  5. I can login online but can't access the store or anything.
  6. Well I wouldn't know since I only own the PS4 atm.
  7. Well I logged in on my PS4 and watch a guy streaming from Battlefield 4 and he said he called Sony and if it takes to long Sony might be giving us a reward for the trouble.
  8. I'm getting the feeling that Sony will offer free games like they did in 2011 for this mess. It seems that alot of people who bought the PS4 today are all very upset.
  9. it's not the end of the world guys. Sure this is upsetting but I can wait I have other things I can be doing instead of waiting for news. It seems that Sony might be giving us a free game or two or free Plus membership again like the 2011 attack.
  10. I know I just got my PS4 today and I got the free game to pick; I was going to pick Destiny and I can't even go on the PSN WHY do people have to ruin everything for everyone!?
  11. I say get Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire just because there is so much more to do in it. and Most likely they'll make a updated version of X and Y so just wait for the updated versions of those okay?
  12. I got 25 dollars to Chipolte a PS4 Lone Survivor movie staring Mark Wahlberg some cookies and chocolate some after shave that cost alot of money that is pretty much it. Normally I don't get very much for Christmas but I'm okay I got a PS4! ^_^
  13. So I just bought my PS4 this morning only to find out that a group known as Lizard Sqaud hacked both companies and now no one can go online! Just great! So discuss what you think about this?
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