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  1. Moshroca97

    Which faction will you join on Unchained χ?

    well, the game just came out over here so I was kind of expecting a few bugs and issues. It's the first day so they still have time to fix the issues.
  2. Moshroca97

    Which faction will you join on Unchained χ?

    I change my mind and went with Vulpes. I think i went with Vulpes in both japanese versions. Also, it may just be my phone, but does they frame rate seem kind of bad while exploring?
  3. Moshroca97

    Which faction will you join on Unchained χ?

    I just want to know what everyone else is joining. I'm downlading the game rn and I'm trying to think whether to pick Ursus or Unicornis.
  4. Moshroca97

    PS4 and Xbox One are too weak hardware-wise

    Yes, you have a lot of good points there, but on the other hand not all PC ports are good, especially with some of the ones that Square Enix has made for previous console games and not only that, developing a PC port this late into the development cycle of namely Kingdom Hearts 3 would make it extremely difficult to release the game in the time frame they want to. At least Tabata has even expressed interest in making a PC port for FFXV, but that is only AFTER the game is out on consoles first. As far as 60 FPS, yes, it looks smoother, but especially for old games it firetrucks with the physics. I'm fairly sure that more developers now adays are more concerned whether the game plays correctly and look as best it can rather than worrying about how smooth the FPS is. I acknowledge how good 60 fps looks and how powerful PC really are, but a big issue with PC releases is compatibility. Not everyone can exactly has the money to fork over hundreds of dollars for a new motherboard, RAM, GPU and a CPU for newer games on the market. Consoles, while inferior, don't generally have compatibility issues and tend to be more affordable to the general public. I am probably going to get shot down, but I do hope I made some good points.
  5. Moshroca97

    PS4 and Xbox One are too weak hardware-wise

    Same. Now adays its a miracle that some games can even run 30 FPS let alone 60. FFXV is going to be a massive game so I don't think that really helps either and they are having frame rate issues that they have tried to contract outside help for. My assumption is that Sony at the time was trying to go for what was going to try to give them the most power and what was most affordable for producing the console. Decide hardware for consoles is kind of a crap shoot anyway.Then again not everyone can afford a high end pc. I have a GeForce GT610 and my motherboard is about 13 years old for crying out loud. If I could upgrade so I could play more pc games I would. lol
  6. Moshroca97

    358/2 Days Is a Bad Game

    *cough cough* Coded. *cough*
  7. Moshroca97

    KH3/FF7 Character Appearences Prediction

    No love for Cait Sith? Or Red XIII? Or Barret? :c
  8. Moshroca97

    The Most Required KH3 CAMEO

  9. Moshroca97

    The Fears I have for KH3

    I don't know much about Hitman, but Final Fantasy 7 wise they made it episodic because if they didn't it would a) take longer to develop as one game and b) they would have to remove a lot of content. They wouldn't do something like that to Kingdom Hearts 3 this far in development because that would be a lot more work than they need.
  10. Moshroca97

    Creepy People

    That video was great! I kinda reminded me of Swoozie a bit, with the bits of humor thrown in. You did good.
  11. I think you make a pretty good point there. They also could be doing intermingling with plot lines of Twilight Town and Mysterious Tower like they did briefly at the beginning of 2, but it's anyone's guess at this point.
  12. Alright, so I might catch a lot of flack for this, but never the less it was something I just observed so I felt it would be something worth talking over. Now, I know Yen Sid's tower has appeared in several Kingdom Hearts games since 2, such as Birth by Sleep and 3D, but in the most recent trailer from Jump Festa it's notable that the train tracks are not present in the footage that was given to us. Now I'm sure you guys are probably like, "The train was really only for plot convenience and they group the worlds together for that reason as well!" Blah blah blah. However, the past two games that Yen Sid's tower has been in have technically taken place in the past and don't show too much evidence, with Symphony of Sorcery having it as it as it's own word and taking place way before Mickey meets Sora and Riku. As well as Birth by Sleep having only Yen Sid's tower present. Now, KH3 has been the first game in the series to include both Twilight Town and Mysterious Tower since KH2, so could it be safe to say these world no longer connected as of KHIII? It was just something on my mind so sorry for my rambling. =3=
  13. I'm not too surprised. They did the same thing with Final Fantasy 4: The After Years.
  14. Moshroca97

    3D Modelling - Keyblade for Xigbar 'Freischutz'

    SE is like Oprah up in here. "You get a Keyblade! you get a Keyblade! EVERYONE GETS A KEYBLADE!"