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  1. Only a few days untill KH3 ,The epilogue to an amazing story is so close

  2. Omg its happening ,its happening
  3. I am really excited for E3 ,ffx-x2,kh1.5,ffxiv and the future of Final Fantasy conference
  4. I have a ps3,i will consider upgrading to a ps4 if we get info about an upcoming FF or KH title Hashimoto hinted at a ps4 FF so i am hoping we get FF13Versus as the next mainline title
  5. The banner looks great,cant wait to get KH 1.5
  6. If you are a fan of FF7 you will probably love this movie,my favorite moment was when one winged angel started playing and Sephiroth showed up Watching Cloud fighting his Nemesis in CGI with their amazing sword attacks was epic ,i never get tired of watching this scene
  7. Nikolasvanitas

    Your Favorite KH3D Cutscene

    Young Xehanort revealing his keyblade and thus his identity as the mysterious figure from KH bbs ,epic moment when the boss music starts
  8. Great news and i like that they include an artbook,the artwork of KH is my favorite part of the series along with they gameplay and music Nice touch there Square,Nomuras KH artwork needs this recognition
  9. Nikolasvanitas

    Sir Alex Ferguson retires

    They even made a statue of Sir Alex,he is a legend in coaching and he helped players like Giggs and C.Ronaldo become the stars they are now,great manager
  10. Nikolasvanitas

    Do you enjoy KH Re:Chain of Memories' card system?

    Once you understand the card system you can create decks with sleights that work exactly like the commands system in bbs I kinda think that Re:chain of memories and the deck system(=creating a deck of cards with special attacks like firaga burst or sonic blade )infuenced the bbs system Cards sleights = bbs commands without numbers or cp costs
  11. I am so tempted to import,gotta have patience for the english release
  12. Awesome news,Disney should realize that the Kingdom Hearts francise could provide great marketing value for the company
  13. Nomura has done it again,amazing work for the fans of his series
  14. Amazing news:) Finally confirmation that one more great KH HD collection is coming Square Enix is moving on the path of redemption