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  1. I'm glad to be back :)

  2. Everything has changed since I last came on this site.

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    2. Ruby Rose

      Ruby Rose

      The times they are a changing

    3. AurorasSky69


      @Xeveemon an old member that does not come to often.

      @LightChaser Yes they are but change sucks sometimes.

    4. Ruby Rose

      Ruby Rose

      Change sucks 70% of the time

  3. <3
    1. Snow


      I love you

      because you have 69 in your name <3

    2. AurorasSky69
  4. *Comes home thinking I have no homework and turns on PS3 then gets a text from s friend asking if I finsished the Algebra homework* X_____X

  5. I hope I do well on this exam tomorrow...

  6. Welcome back! Even though I don't really know you you sound nice! ^-^ I hope everything gets better for you!!
  7. I found out that there is going to be a cosplay convention in Columbia in October :D

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    2. RoseyxPsaro


      Why Columbia!? D8<

    3. Kirie


      because its far away from us.

    4. RoseyxPsaro


      They hate our guts don't they? ;-;

  8. Dying my hair :D

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    2. TheApprenticeofKingMickey


      You should. *O* You feel so cool when it happens.

    3. AurorasSky69


      I remember last year when I was in middle school one of my friends would change her hair color almost every month, she tried to do purple I think but it turned green then it turned gray xD

    4. TheApprenticeofKingMickey
  9. I really miss Illinois...

    1. RoseyxPsaro


      I know you do, I miss it too Aurora

  10. playing Little Big Planet 2 ;)

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    2. AurorasSky69


      Yeah it is, I just got LBP2 like three days ago and I am in love with it xD

    3. Kirie


      its hard getting costumes (some are hidden behind objects)

    4. AurorasSky69


      I think its kind of hard to try and make really cool costumes like of DeahMa5 or something in that kind of nature Dx

  11. playing Little Big Planet 2 ;)

  12. I am going to start making my Grell costume soon :DD

  13. "Yeah I can get you some!" Italy said, she wrote down what Japan wanted and ran back to the kitchen. She told the cook what Japan ordered and as he made it she went to the back and grabbed some towels to help Japan clean up the lemonade.
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