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  1. Raid canister+ rusty nail >Throw Fireball. OVERKILL
  2. If I wasn't so sure about the amount of invites I can give, I'd let you join fitocracy under my name. But psst Imma send you the Penny Arcade code and see if it still works
  3. You sir, have made the best quote ever on this thread.
  4. Someone's a sore loser By all means try again. The boobies shall win again.
  5. As long as its safe for work, send it in. I do believe I've started up some...DISCORD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3Ayp45i74k&feature=related
  6. All in good time, my moderator. I'll stop at three I can't keep making threads...
  7. Not for pre-pubescents! Are you man or woman enough to take the challenge! If you spend one entire second staring you lose. But when you lose you win
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