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  1. "Okay I can get you there" He said looking to her. "Then after that we can go by the dealership." Robin directed towards Cherry. He then looked at them both. "Ya'll wait here and I'll come bring the car around to the front." Robin then ran off to the car, he got it started and quickly drove back up to the front door of the bar. He let out a quick honk letting them know that he was hear waiting for them.
  2. Ooops haha. I should've read more of the fables. That makes plenty of sense now haha. I apologize Josh.
  3. Robin looked over Namine and then back to Cherry. "Well Cherry and I were about to head it. But do you need a ride out of here? I'd hate for you to get distracted and get hit by a car. That'd make your day go even longer and probably even worse. So can I take you to where you need to be?" Robin asked worrying about the girl. She obviously wasn't having a great day so he could at least help her out.
  4. "Alright, You can ride with me." Robin got up and watched as this girl crashed into Cherry. He was thrown off for a moment and checked on the girl. "Hey are you okay?" He asked looking down toward her placing his hand on her shoulder so he could check on her. He knew it wasn't a bad clash. But she had to have something on her mind since she wasn't watching where she was going. Robin let go and turned around to put a tip on the table so he wouldn't forget to tip the bar tender.
  5. Robin followed her lips with his eyes as her smile grew. He smiled back but not as wide as hers. "Awesome if you want I can take you back to shop today and we'll fill out some paperwork and get you set up for work tomorrow." He said finishing off his last drink. He noticed that the bartender was looking over at them with a weird expression on his face. Robin then noticed that his eyes were directly pointed at her smile. Robin then looked back at Cherry. "So Ms. Cherry, I guess we're going to be business partners"
  6. In the game there is another fable named Jack and he isn't from the beanstalk. So Oath Keeper is right. You have to be more specific.
  7. Robin leaned forward and started pointing out different people in the bar. "This is not a mundie bar my dear, this is for us fables. Yes there are a few mundies in here. But its owned and consumed by fables." Robin said showing the fables off. But he leaned back and sipped on his drink as he listened to her job description. "Well you have to do what you have to do." Robin said without missing a beat, not judging her for her past since she obviously didn't care. "But if you're looking for a job I could use an extra sales person since its just me at my place. I'm sure you're good at persuading mundies out of their money." Robin said with a grin.
  8. "Why yes it is. You could say I'm a dealer but those rich and arrogant mundies don't get much of a deal. I actually got paid double for a car today. So it was pretty good. That's why drinks are free for the hour" He replied as he finished off his next glass. He then ordered another drink and let it just sit in front of him. He just stared at the rim of the glass and swirled the drink around in the glass. He then finally took a small sip and looked back at Cherry. "I'm sorry but now that I think about it, I don't know exactly what you do job wise."
  9. Robin sighed and scooted back in his seat. He finally took a drink of his beer and gave her a grin. "Hello Ms. Cherry" he said with a grin following up with another sip of his beer. He didn't know Cherry very well but most of the fables knew each other since they came in together. But Robin had never really talked to Cherry until now. Robin looked at Cherry. "So how is your day going?" He asked as he finished off his drink and ordered another one. He then looked around and watched as her Martini came to the table.
  10. "Sir, I'll be honest with you, you can probably find this car for a better price some where else. But I know for a fact that that this my store is the only place with this model for miles." Robin lies "So whats it going to be? Are you going to drive through multiple towns or are you going to take your dream car home." Robin looks at the older gentleman who is trying to stone wall Robin into lowering his prices. But unknown by the old mundie. Robin was older than he was and Robin could be just as stubborn but Robin is also the best B.S.er and knows exactly what he's doing. "I see I'm not going to sell you on this car. I'm sorry about this, but I'll let you go and find a better deal" Robin says as he shakes the mans hand and walks away. He gets a few steps away and the man tells him to wait. Robin grins and then shifts back to a mellow look. The mundie decides to pay the price of the car which is almost double what it should be. Robin then takes the man inside to sign and pay for his car. Robin watched the man drive away in his new car. Robin walked around into the back of shop and got inside his car which wasn't anything special. But he kept it in good shape. He drove it to the nearest mundie bar and hustled a few games of pool and a few rounds of darts. His aim and precision was a skill he's been keeping up since the fables came over. He then drove himself to a fable bar after he made enough winnings and walked up to the bar and put a thousand dollars down. Its what he won from the mundie bar games. He looked at the bartender and told her drinks are on him for this hour and he sat down at a booth just staring into his beer.
  11. Name: Robin Hood Age: 20 Gender: Male What Fable you’re From: Robin Hood (Not Disney) Appearance: Occupation: Knoxely Auto (A car dealership so he can steal money from the rich in a more legal way) Personality: Robin is very frugal and also very persuasive. He uses his powers of persuasion to practically rob the rich Mundies by having them spend more on cars than they're worth. Then he shows off his generous side by giving away cars for cheaper for the Fables that spend too much money on glamour. He knows that the system is messed up, But he helps his fellow Fables as much as he can. Bio: Robin grew up very poor in the old lands. He didn't have much and what he did have, he stole. He felt so guilty every time he stole so he started giving things out to others what he stole. It made him feel better but he decided to change who he was stealing from. He decided to stop picking just anyone to steal from and chose to start aiming for the reason he and everyone else was so poor. The king at the time was a greedy tyrant who was taxing the people for every little thing. So he started staging heist and spreading the wealth with the people in his town. He was becoming so popular with the people that he had his own little gang to help him. He called them his Merry men. But sadly it all came to an end when all the Fables came to Fabletown. His Merry Men didn't make it and Robin had to start all over again. He had to figure out a new system to steal from the rich and remain giving to the poor. Fables were relying on him to help them out and he couldn't let them down. He started out working at a car dealership as a janitor and slowly watched other dealers persuading customers into paying a little more than the car is worth. He began to use those skills persuasion he learned to trick arrogant wealthy Mundies into paying double what they should pay for a car. He then slowly took over the business and made it his own. He uses his commission to pay off the difference on cars he sales cheaply to poor fables. He also will use his commission to pay for glamour to certain fables just to help out. He didn't want to see Fables being ripped from their homes because its almost impossible to adapt to a new world and new generation. My favorite Fable would have to be Peter Pan.
  12. Tyler looked at them as they got back there. He knew all was left was Joe and the only car left over was the Cop Car. "Joe that leaves you with the cop car. We're going to catch up to the others. So yeah. Everyone stay in touch through radio so we can all keep contact in case something happens. Tyler then started driving, he then grabbed the radio. "Hey Theia, where are we headed?" Tyler asked "What have you guys run into up there? How bad is it?" Tyler then hooked the radio back to the dashboard he looked in the back. "Are you feeling sick?" Tyler asked Issac. "If you need more antibodies I have more."
  13. Tyler then looked at everyone. "Alright its decided. We drive. Everyone pick a car. Who ever wants to drive. Grab some the keys. Lets try to stay together." Tyler said as he put the keys down on the ground and grabbed the Hyundai keys. He quickly filled up the gas tank since he just drove it. He got behind the wheel and started the car up. Tyler waited for someone to get in with him and others to get into the other car. Tyler turned on his GPS and hooked it up. He turned it on and didn't know where to go yet. He just knew he should have it ready to pick out a place. It was impossible for the Normies to take out the satellites in space so the GPS should work.
  14. "I would rather not leave but if we do leave we might as well just go ahead and leave the area. I'm thinking we should hit Arkansas. Its got decent weather conditions so easy for us to survive without being killed by snow. It tends to not snow. If we went farther south like Texas we would have to consider the high population. Plus it gets even hotter there no matter the date and time. We need to find a place we can fortify. Give power to and live for hopefully years. Now I think what we should do. Still run into Best buy and grab supplies. Because we could get a hotspot so Theia's computer can hopefully pick up nearby military bases we can hope that some of them have been run down. We can grab guns and ammo for even more protection. I have each car stocked with enough gas to make it to a new state and they're pretty new so they should last. But if we're going leave we should go now." Tyler said looking towards the group.
  15. "That's why we need to hit them fast." Tyler said as he heard Joe. "That Cemetery will do good. As long as they don't become infected as well. Tyler said looking down. He thought about how the Screamers attracted them. It was almost like a strategy. Screamers always seemed to come first before anything else. It never clicked but he'd seen it happen. Normies are a tad stronger and slower. They're almost like normal soldiers while Screamers are the scouts who hunt the enemy. Tyler had no idea but it almost seemed more than nature. Like this virus was created to run this way.
  16. Tyler looked at him. As much as he'd like that plan he didn't think it'd work. "Those screamers can smell from behind my walls while I'm in the gas station. That was about the same distance from the gate. We can use the fence and gate to our advantage. We can wait for them to show up and we stab them in the head as the run up. We'll be safe behind the gate and if we kill them quickly it shouldn't fall. If it does we can have a few people take point sniping. Covering us if we have to run back. "I really think we should fight. They would smell us from inside our rooms." Tyler said. "We don't need to wait for them to bust down our doors and try to starve us out of our rooms. "We need to defend." Tyler pleaded again
  17. Tyler finally drove back up and had his car pointed at the opposite road. He the opened the doors and left he car running that way if he had to he could run in it and get going. Tyler then pulled out one of his rapiers and held his shotgun in his free hand. "We need to decide now. Do we run or do we fight? I think we have enough fire power to survive. What we can do is fire upon them from the top floor and if any of them tries to get up the stairs I'll take care of them and keep you guys protected as you fire. "Now if you don't have a gun take my shot gun" Tyler said as he placed it on the balcony. "I've had to leave camp twice in 24 hours. I'm tired of this running. I'm going to fight them off. That but if you want to run again no one will blame you and you can take a car. All I ask is I'm left with one." Tyler said popping down some shells for the shot gun. Tyler then drew his other sword and waited to hear if he sounded crazy or if someone actually agreed with him.
  18. Tyler then looked behind him and he could hear them. "Damn. I'm going to drive the Hyundai and see if I find them I'll head back and they won't be able to track me." Tyler said as he went to his room which was right next door. He put his swords back in his belt and put on his armor for his forearms and he grabbed his shotgun. "Stay near the radio" Tyler said handing her the keys to the cop car. I'll let you guys know if its bad and what direction they're heading" Tyler said as he got in his car and drove off. Tyler started up the Hyundai Elantra and drove off down the road. He then saw through the darkness a horde of maybe 50 Screamers sprinting their way. Tyler then quickly grabbed the radio. "Jinx, come in, are you there? Ya'll take cover horde of 50 headed your way. 5 miles out" Tyler spoke through the radio hoping she heard. Tyler then looked up and saw screamers leaping onto his car trying to reach through the chain link fence window. Tyler quickly stabbed his sword through the holes in the fence and connected with their heads killing them. Tyler then quickly did a donut with screeching tires as he peeled out and headed back to the hotel.
  19. Tyler then had the door shut in his face and he looked at Jinx. "Alrighty then" He said with a smile. Tyler then looked to see Daniel and Joe still down there talking. Tyler then heard the loud bang from the pillow. "I didn't wake you up, did I?" Tyler asked Jinx seeing how it was late and she was awake. He was wondering if he had really woken them up or if people don't really sleep like they used to. Tyler has been alone for almost a whole year due to Daybreak so he sometimes felt awkward because he thought somethings from the past didn't change. Which it looks like they did.
  20. Tyler looked down when she started tearing up. "Well without Issac I wouldn't be alive, because you and your amazing aim, I would've been killed" Tyler said with a half smile just to try to cheer her up. Tyler looked at her "We haven't really been a group long. We had only been together an hour or two before we found Issac. We've got some seemingly good people in our group but I don't truly know what everyone is thinking or planning on doing but I'd say you and Issac are pretty safe with us. I don't blame you if you don't but you can take time to think of yourself instead of always taking care of Issac. I would assume you take care of him since you were the one who answered the door. Plus the way you shot at me after he showed up. You didn't even blink. I can tell you're the protective one of the group. But you should take time to think about yourself. I lost my family all at once. I watched my dad feast on her and my mother. I was a wreck. I walked through a horde of Normies just not even paying attention. I have scars where they scratched me. I'm lucky they didn't bite me. I just don't want that to happen to you if you lose him." Tyler said to her as he saw Jinx. "Well you're welcome to join the party" Tyler said with a smile. "If we're going to survive together we can all get to know each other" Tyler suggested
  21. Tyler looked at Paige and nodded. "Yes, my name is Tyler. I'm actually here about your brother. One of the other guys in our group was attacked by a clinger too. He got terrible flu like symptoms afterwards. We also just got our hands on antibodies and I figured he should take this pill that way he doesn't get that flu." Tyler said as he handed her the pill to give to him. Tyler then went to his room and came back with a water. "I'm sorry to wake you guys but I just figured it was important. I was worried what effects that he'd have as he sleeps. Didn't want him choking or anything due to this disease." Tyler then handed her the water to give to Tyler.
  22. Tyler looked at the satchel "Thanks" Tyler said "These are better meds than we already have. These antibiotics will come in handy." Tyler then looked at Daniel. "Hey these will probably help you after your attack with that Clinger." Tyler said giving a pill to Daniel. "That Issac kid was attacked by a clinger. We should probably give him one too. Tyler then walked upstairs and started knocking on Issac's and Paige's door. Tyler sat around and waited for them to answer. But he never thought that he could be waking them up. He forgot that some people are able to get to sleep.
  23. Tyler grinned "Yeah, its why I look up there. Its the only place where the rules haven't changed. We can trust that planets aren't going to start eating each other" Tyler laughed. "I look at them every night. Never gave them too much notice until Daybreak. The sky is the only thing to look forward to now" Tyler said as he reached over and grabbed his flask from Daniel. He then slipped it in his back pocket again. Tyler had went camping when he was younger so he knew the majority of the constellations up the sky. He liked that he knew them. It'd be harder to learn now that he's older and libraries are hard to find. Those books were used for firewood since Daybreak.
  24. "Well its where I worked before Daybreak. Its how I was able to use the garage and gas station. I worked there for about 2 years before daybreak and you pick up on things fast" Tyler said "Yeah I don't sleep much either. When I do sleep its for an hour or two and its due to this" Tyler said tossing him his flask. Tyler then leaned back onto his hood. "I can teach you some quick survival car tips if you need later on if you want. Just teach you some tricks." Tyler said as he put his hands behind his head and leaned back looking towards the stars
  25. Tyler was already out working on his car working when Daniel went to his door knocking. "Psst" Tyler tried to get his attention. "I'm down here" He said finishing up his tasks on the cars, making sure they would run fine and well full of gas and able to make it to the store tomorrow. He then heard Daniel asking about the bang. "Yeah I'm sorry. Had a dream and rolled out of bed. No big thing." Tyler said as he put the caps on the gas tanks. He wiped his hands off on his jeans and walked away from the car. Tyler then sat on the hood of the car and looked at Daniel. "You go back to sleep man, you need your rest. I'll be out here fine by myself." Tyler said leaning back against the window looking up at the stars.
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