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  1. I think in the end the organization didnt care who she was a replica of. They wanted a keyblade wielder, and so they made one. Though at first, xion is only able to use magic and not the keyblade. It isnt until she has been exposed to Roxas for long enough that she gets the keyblade. And longer still during the events of COM, when soras memories were finding their way into roxas that she finally got her face. I think she was meant at first to just be a mindless clone with the ability to wield the keyblade, not any specific person. But through more and more exposure to Roxas and absorbing of soras memories did she become a full on person clone of sora because of all the memories she absorbed. also, i dont remember who said it but i just wanna clear it up, in one of vexens reports he says hes taking the the empty replica with him to co for further testing. Someone said they though replikus empty pre repliku husk was made during the events of co.
  2. Um....where does it say that xion was made before repliku? Unless im missing something. I even checked the secret report where vexen talks about 'no.i' He talks about how its the finest puppet hes made, about how big of a success it is, how and how its fit for number status so he names it no.i He also talks about repliku, how its unfit for number status so it remains numberless and nameless. And since it is for lack of better words a failure for the needs he wanted (to make a keyblade wielding copy) hes taking it to CO for further experiments. I always took that to mean that Xion or no.i was the last puppet he made. That all that came before it-including the empty shell that would become repliku- were not up to snuff for what vexen needed so he didnt bother numbering those 'failures'. Though in all fairness thats what i took away from that information, and it is not really supported- just like saying repliku was made after xion. Its really all speculation (yours and mine) since its not outright stated which was made first. Also, Xion was meant as a replica of ROXAS. I checked on 2 separate kh wikis and they both said the same thing. While by extension she is a clone of sora, she is a roxas clone. Remember that little talk axel and xion had about what xion is in days? Where he calls her like a mirror that reflects roxas and how she must be taking more than shes supposed to from him? I always took that to mean that she was copying and absorbing his abilities thus making her a better clone, a mirror that reflects roxas. But as more memories went to roxas, and Xion started taking more and more from roxas, she got more and more memories from sora and thats why she ended up looking like him to those who knew and had had contact with sora.
  3. This'll be fun :biggrin: havent seen one of these in a while. Everyone knows the rule: rearrange the letters of your name (real name) and add an X! Real Name: Juliana Nobody Name: Xian-jalu (that was actually really hard :wacko: )
  4. Thats the other thing i dont really get. Xion is made of soras leaked memories...when did they get them? I mean, Xion looks like kiari because shes created from the memories of her. So did they collect them straight after he turned into a hearless? Kairi would have been his strongest memory right then yeah. Well, its pretty obvious from the Xemnas battle in kh1fm that the org must have been watching sora and co for a while and would have been near by enough to collect those memories after they were 'leaked'. so thats where they got them, now how about how? The only way i could see them doing that would be with Namine, but they didnt have her yet. I mean ok its plausible that on of the members was at CO just as she appeared there and took her back to TWTNW and they figured out who she was and her powers. But that would have taken time. Those memories aint lingering long i expect. After sora became a heartless, his memories started going to roxas. So is that where they got them? As Sora was a heartless and the memory of Kairi was coming to roxas and they captured it and put it in xion instead of letting it go to roxas? Kairis memory could have been the first to be coming over to roxas at the time... But again that wouldve taken time. Time for who ever was watching sora when he stabbed himself to get back to the castle, tell Xemnas, then have someone tell Xemnas that they found Namine, find out who she is and what she can do, get Roxas and come up with the whole replica plan, get vexen to consult him about putting memories into the replica then getting namine to do it. And have Xemnas go fight sora on roxas 6th day. It musta been a busy week for the organization... I cant really see it happening anyother way.
  5. I was thinking about it and, what was the org 13 trying to accomplish with Castle oblivion? Sending all those people there and Namine, luring sora there...What were they trying to accomplish? Was luring Sora the whole reason they sent everyone there or was that Marluxia being treacherous? In which case what were they planning on using sora for after they lured him? Did he send them there for a different reason- in which case xemnas why would you send known traitors so far away from you? I know they sent axel to kill the traitors but why? Why not just kill them, publicly, as an example? I mean, was your (xemnas) entire plan for them to put sora out of commission in order to allow roxas and xion to collect hearts? Thats insanely risky giving that mission to known traitors. If that was the case, give it to those you trust! I know Xemnas had been looking for Ven in CO, but hadnt found it after attempting many times. But really, in COM what were they trying to accomplish (the org not Marluxia and co) I know that Marluxia and co tried to use sora to take over the org, and that Xemnas knew who the traitors were sending them to CO. If Xemnas wanted them dead and knew about their treachery, WHY WOULD HE SEND THEM A HALF WORLD AWAY?!! WHY NOT JUST KILL THEM AND KNOT RISK THEM ACTUALLY SUCCEEDING AT USING SORA AT CO!! I mean, if he sent them there for sora to deal with, that is stupid. Why risk them succeeding and taking over sora? And that goes back to, what the heck was Xemnas trying to accomplish at CO? Did i just miss/forget something? I am so confused
  6. Ok theres something i cant figure out. Why did the Organization use memories to create xion instead of using data like Repliku? I mean i know that the repliku was an imperfect clone so he couldnt be used to make a clone of Roxas (ie putting sora memories inside him). But why didnt they just use data from Roxas and put that into the empty shell to create Xion? I mean, it obviously worked with Repliku, gaining all Rikus powers and abilities. Also, the Repliku was able to have its mind re worked flawlessly to how ever they wanted it (using namine). And this was so flawless that only intervention by namine could break it. I mean it really puzzles me why they didnt go that route. Did they do it as a fail safe against the possibility that they would lose Namine? I mean, she couldve reworked the replicas mind in a way they didnt want after she escaped i guess... Was it the Keyblade? Did they think it wouldnt transfer unless the source of the Replica came from not data but an actual part of the Keyblade weilder? Well, all of rikus abilities transfered over, even the ability to go into dark mode and the ability to use the powers of darkness. Why if the replica could harness darkness (the harder of the two to weild) couldnt the replica harness the power of light in the keyblade? And using the data, it wouldnt be concerned with memories leaking into it. (though the org may not have known that going in that memories would further leak into xion after she was made) And if theyd kept a better hold on Namine instead of keeping her at CO, they wouldnt have needed to worry too much about her escaping. Then, if a problem arose with the replica, she could rewrite it and it would all be fixed. I mean, this just really puzzles me...And there are no answers! I mean, the replica program gets so little attention theres really not a lot known a bout it at all. Im surprised no one talks about the replica program more. Its one of the plot points that really next to nothing known about it. Anybody got any ideas?
  7. CAN ANYONE BELIEVE IT!!!!!!?????? I AM SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW I CAN BARELY CONTAIN MY SELF!!!! IVE GOTTA GO TELL EVERYONE ABOUT THIS OMGOMGOMG!!! you think May and Max will make an apperance in the anime?
  8. MasterXemnas: I didnt say he wasnt at all, i said he some times was but i wanted a bit more. Now answer the question. I didnt ask about opinions on my opinions, i asked about opinions about sora. answer the question.
  9. My first game was Super Mario Bros for the gba. I still have it too. I loved the pokemon gba games too. Donkey kong, powerpuff girls games i had a few of. a sim game called Dogz i love when i had it. OMG the kirby games!! Those were awesome! I was born in 95 so i missed out on the original craze of game boys and stuff, but i still miss the game boy, and the game cube days. I remember waiting to be picked up from school on the school steps watching kids trade and battle. Dont get me wrong i love me some wi-fi but i miss when if u wanted to play with someone else the only way was to meet up in person. ah nostalgia
  10. Wow...havent been here in awhile. But Ive been thinking about it lately and really, with all these other great characters (riku, axel, ect) what is it about sora that makes him a compelling character? I mean, dont get me wrong, i like sora, but sometimes i just wanna smack him over the head. He has a childish, naive ness to him that really makes me wonder some times: why is he our hero in this game? I mean is it the fact that with all thats happened up til now in the games that he is able to stay optimistic and his willingness to never give up what makes us like him? I mean those are are great qualities but, he can be obnoxious sometimes. Like he doesnt feel the weight of the situation hes facing and what it means. I wish they would make him just a bit more serious in the games. Not completely serious all the time, i think that optimism amongst such serious and sometimes hopelessness is what helps make him compelling. But i wish every now and again they would show just a bit how what hes doing is affecting him. Show some human emotion that anyone would be feeling doing what hes doing. Some doubt, some fear, some seriousness. Because while his attitude now is ok, i must admit his optimism sometimes comes across as cocky and i dont think thats a good look on Sora. IDK what do u all think?
  11. More than anything I want something different. Really new and original plot wise.
  12. I've been tossing around this idea in my head for weeks now. It seems like a really nice idea for future games and I'd really like to see it done. I'd really like to see the plot of the games have choices. Like, maybe modes is a better word. Like journey mode and story mode. And u get to choose which one you follow. Story mode would be where it's very liner, battle the elite 4, save the world defeat bad guys, roll credits. Journey mode would be very much the players story. Traveling, meeting new people, having small story arks and then moving on and choosing the path you want to take. It's all optional. You don't need to save the world, beet the bad guys, defeat the eliet 4, complete the pokedex. (U can if complete the pokedex and elite 4 if u want) It's just your journey and it's all what u make it. Wake up one morning and it's the day u get ur pokemon, and u set off to have some adventurers. I really wish pokemon would do this.i personally have never cared for the save the world fill up the pokedex plot and have never filled a pokedex. I just follow the mandatory stuff so I can get back to exploring and adventuring. What do u all think? (And thank u for reading this far, I know I typed a lot of stuff
  13. I'm sorry, never gets easier. There's never moving on, just living with it, and finding ways to deal with the pain. I'm Sry and wish u the best that life has to offer, and happiness. I'd just like to thank the people who read my rant and gave kind words to me. It means more than you know.and more so am I glad and proud to be part of a community filled with such people.
  14. That's the thing though, I've lost so many people, and I'm only 18. I'm tired of death in my life it seems I can barely go 2 yrs with out a loss. 2 yrs ago, my best and only real friend of 8yrs, before that 2 little kids I took care of were murdered, both my grandmother's , my old Sunday school teacher who I was close to....I've always turned to my pets to make the pain less and now they're gone too...
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