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  1. Sooooo many snow days :D

  2. Mom: *sees Axel for the first time* He looks like he's crying and his mascara is running

    1. Anonn0000


      LOL i bet my mom would say the same thing xD

  3. I got so excited when I opened my KH 1.5 Remix game I forgot to breathe xD

  4. Is it bad that when I saw Marluxia's death in Japanese I laughed like a hyena?

  5. I love it when my friend tried to break my wrist...O.o

    1. WakingDawn96


      I almost broke my sister's wrist once, and her arm ended up being very injured. I was just trying to do a wresting move that I saw on the TV, good thing I was too young and stupid.

    2. marluxiaXI996


      Well when he grabbed it and twisted it it cracked twice and he said "If it cracks three times it's broken." and me and my other friend were like "PLEASE STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING"

  6. yaaaayyyy I get to wake up at 5 tomorrow! said no one ever...

  7. I'm gonna workout and eat right starting now! .....Aaaaaand I just ate three brownies...

  8. My room is cold as balls!! D:

    1. Caity


      Why on earth would balls be default cold?

    2. Lalalablah


      Yea well my room is as hot as a witches nipple wearing a brass bra in the middle of Antarctica

      You and your crazy logic.. Balls cold... Pssh

  9. tornados everywhere! D:

  10. aaaww, man that sucks. i've never known ANY girl to do that, and i certainly haven't. you should spend lots of time with friends and family and just have fun. trust me. it works for anyone who's been played like that
  11. just because of the hair over his eye people call him emo? emo is wanting to die and unless i'm losing my mind, when repliku went to kill him, he tried to convince it otherwise
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