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  1. Kairi sat herself on a swing underneath a tree in the backyard of the frat house. She caught Namine when she came outside and lifted a hand to let her know where she was. She just needed some air.
  2. Kairi stared in disbelief to what she just witnessed. How could things have gone this far? Would this happen for the rest of her time at this school? Would Sora always do this? Would he get this violent because of her? Kairi turned, leaving the room as quickly as she could. This wasn’t what tonight was supposed to be. Not even close.
  3. Roxas blinked at every punch that landed. Sora's accuracy was spot-on, which meant this guy was due to get knocked out any minute. He had to stop it before it got that far, or one of this guy's friends would tag in. Roxas raced forward and grabbed Sora, locking his arms around his chest from behind as he pulled him back. "He's down, he's down!" he insisted. Sora had the fight! This needed to stop! Lightning, not one to let a chant of "fight" go off without investigating, shoved her way towards the front. "Move!" she ordered, pushing a few drunk girls out of the way just as Roxas grabbed Sora. What the hell was going on?! He stumbled to rise to his feet, the room spinning as voices blurred together. He held up his fists clumsily, as if he could really keep going in the fight. In his stupor, he thought he could handle it, but any sober witness knew the guy had been beaten.
  4. He lost his footing in his tipsy state and crashed into the refreshments table. It collapsed under his weight, and as he fell to the ground, so did the punch bowl. It soaked his clothes as he tried to get back on his feet, but he slipped on the punch. Various chants of "fight" started going off in the room, making Roxas grit his teeth. "I got it. Stay here!" he ordered, looking at Kairi specifically. That was when he heard a holler. He looked over just as the bully came in for a tackle. Oh no. "Sora!" Kairi cried again. This had to stop!
  5. Roxas heard the guy cry out in pain, though the wind got knocked out of him easily, so the cry was more like a groan. He quickly grasped Kairi when she tried to stop Sora, keeping her back. She couldn't get in the middle of this, even if it was about her. "Roxas, let go of me!" Kairi insisted, wriggling in his grasp. She couldn't let Sora do this! Quickly, the guy threw a punch at the kid's face. His lungs burned from the lack of air, but who cared at this point? No way was he letting the geek beat him down!
  6. Kairi looked from the random drunk guy to Sora, and upon seeing his expression, she blinked. How long had it been since she'd seen that glare? Xehanort maybe? As flattered as she was that Sora once again stood up for her, she didn't want this night turning ugly. He laughed. "Are you kidding? You think you can take me?" Roxas shoved his way to the frontline, on Kairi's other side. He put a hand on her back. "He can, but I'll help," the blond promised, eyes hard. He didn't know what was going on, but Sora didn't throw punches over nothing. That was all it took to convince Roxas to back him up.
  7. "Sora!" Kairi cried out in shock. She reached for him instantly as his target stumbled and fell into a couple other people in the room. Quickly people moved a step away from the action, forming a circle around the three of them. "Sora, stop," Kairi tried, stepping up to be beside him as she clutched his arm. As disgusting as she suddenly felt, the guy could have friends. Then again, so did they--Roxas and Riku. Roxas turned his head at the commotion, and upon hearing Namine's insistence, he nodded. "Stay here," he told her firmly, his hand finding her waist as he glanced at her. He then pushed his way through the throngs of people to get to his friends. Still buzzed, the punch didn't exactly hurt. He stood and smirked. "Heh, that all you got, tough guy?"
  8. Kairi looked from Sora to the guy, who rolled his eyes at her fellow "geek" and then focused on her. She stared back. Why did he think he knew her? Her hair sometimes got her recognized, and then there was the fight with Noel... "Oh yeah!" the guy exclaimed, smiling widely. His voice reached the people around them, but the music was still too loud for everyone to hear what he said. "You're that girl from the flyer, aren't you?!" Kairi felt sick instantly. Not this again... She thought that blew over. "Just the face. Not the rest," she said in her defense, gripping the back of Sora's shirt tightly. "Classmate got jealous. That's all." "I can see why." The guy looked her up and down. "You're hot as hell. Your outfit doesn't leave much to the imagination, sweetheart. Thanks for the preview." He then winked, making Kairi want to hurl where she stood.
  9. Kairi put a hand on Sora's back. "Sora, it's fine. Let's--" "Whoa, easy!" The guy held up his hands, smirking in his buzzed state. "It was just a question. I thought I'd seen her before, that's all." What was this guy's issue? He assumed Sora was a possessive boyfriend or something. Why else would he freak out like this?
  10. Kairi stuck close to Sora as they made their way through the crowd of people. As they passed, she thought she heard her name. She glanced over her shoulder briefly, but she couldn't spot the person who spoke. As she turned around, she ran into someone and had to stop in her tracks. "Oh!" she gasped in alarm, looking up at the taller guy whose chest she hit. "Um, sorry..." She caught Sora still going, and not wanting to be left behind, started after him, but the guy grabbed her wrist. "Hey, wait," the guy said. Kairi noted that his breath smelled of beer. "You look familiar... Do I know you?" "Uh...no. No, I don't think so," Kairi replied, tugging slightly to get free, but he didn't release her. "No, I've definitely seen you around before," he insisted, tilting his head. Roxas took his hand back and smiled softly. He caught that blush, but he wouldn't say anything; he didn't want to make Namine uncomfortable. "Thank you," he told her. He appreciated her confidence in him.
  11. Kairi nodded. “Yeah, let’s go,” she agreed. She would let Sora lead. Trying to navigate through this crowded house would be tough. She’d just follow him. Roxas smirked. Noticing her headpiece slightly crooked, he lifted his hand and carefully fixed it, also brushing her bangs away from her eyes. “I do what I can,” he replied humbly. He wasn’t much.
  12. Kairi turned to Sora once their friends left the stage. “So are you going to tell him to ask her out or am I?” she joked. It was obvious to anyone that Roxas and Namine has feelings for each other. What just happened, it wasn’t exactly subtle. But it was absolutely adorable. Roxas shook his head, smiling warmly at Namine. “Nah,” he replied softly. “They really liked you.” Sure, he didn’t notice anyone ogling him, but that was because his eyes were on Namine. She was stunning, and he wasn’t the only guy to recognize that tonight.
  13. Kairi clutched Sora’s arm closest to her as she squealed in delight. They looked amazing! And to hear Sora say something so genuine and kind made her heart flutter. He was impressed! Roxas nearly froze at the blown kiss, but instead he played it cool. He smirked and then lowered himself to one knee, bowing his head and touching his lips to Namine’s hand he still held. He looked up at her after the action was done, staring in awe. She truly was a goddess.
  14. Kairi giggled again, but it was mostly drowned out by the cheers for the pirate costume. Then the announcer called for Roxas and Namine. The redhead clapped her hands immediately for her friends. Roxas agreed wholeheartedly and led Namine out into the open space for the spotlight. Announced as the “God and Goddess of the Night”, he smirked and held Namine’s hand up slightly, motioning to her with his free hand. He was both happy and frustrated with the hoots and hollers that followed. Happy because loud applause could help them win this contest. Frustrated because most of the noise came from guys eyeing Namine up and down, just like at the gym.
  15. Kairi snickered as well, her arm brushing Sora’s as they found a spot near the front of the crowd for the contest. Someone wearing a banana costume just left the spotlight and a pirate took their place. Namine and Roxas would be up soon. Roxas looked to Namine and smiled faintly. He was confident in this. Their costumes were awesome and being in front of a crowd didn’t scare him any. He wasn’t sure how Namine would be, but he would be right next to her. To prove this, he took her hand and held it gently. She would win the crowd over, no question.
  16. Kairi tolled her eyes at the mention of the couple, smiling. “Probably making out somewhere,” she joked lightly. Riku could hardly keep his eyes—and hands—off Lightning lately. The costume Kairi designed for her probably didn’t help much.
  17. Kairi playfully twirled one of her pigtails. She appreciated that compliment. “Thank you,” she replied over the roar of the music and commotion around them. “Should we go cheer them on?” Roxas smirked, almost proudly. “Doubt it,” he said, lowering his head to be closer to Namine’s so she could hear him. “One of a kind designs, right?” Nobody else had Kairi’s costumes to wear. And none looked as good, at least in his book. Especially in Namine’s case. He forced his eyes away from her, swallowing. He had to keep it together.
  18. Kairi accepted Sora's piece of the paopu treat and followed his line of sight to the people gathered by a small stage setup. "Oooh, I hope they win," she said over the noise of the party. If her designs won another contest? That would be amazing! But, Roxas and Namine also looked fantastic as the god and goddess they were. Roxas stood close to Namine in line, eyes darting around at their competition. There weren't many couples costumes, not that he was surprised; it was college after all, and many students remained single around this time of year. Then again, he was still single... Namine wasn't really his to claim. They were just part of a costume together. He balled his fists briefly before relaxing. He couldn't think about that now...though it was hard with all of the gazes directed Namine's way. Many of the party-goers recognized her beauty tonight, accentuated by the costume Kairi designed.
  19. Kairi looked to the cake in Sora's hand and pinched a small bite off the corner. She popped it into her mouth and smiled to herself at the taste. "Delicious," she agreed. It tasted just like she hoped it would. Roxas followed Namine's line of sight to the contest. He had to admit, a lot of them were pretty good, but none of them had costumes that were made from scratch like his and Namine's were. He nodded a little, looking back to his partner for the night. He let his hand drift around the curve of her waist as he sought her hand. "Let's do it," he agreed, smirking as he started toward the line. They would have to play this up to get the votes.
  20. Kairi giggled. "Your favorite," she chimed, keeping her hand in his. Hard to believe other worlds had Paopu anything, but she wasn't complaining. The paopu was special to her, and to Sora, for obvious reasons. Roxas looked to Namine, taking in her touch. Her hand was cold against his warmer skin, but it was nice. He boldly kept his hand on her lower back, his body close to hers. The music was loud, so he leaned closer to her, his head near hers as he replied. "You lead," he encouraged gently. She was a goddess tonight, and he would do whatever she asked of him.
  21. "Hmm..." Kairi tilted her head a little as she thought about it. "Well...this nerd could use a snack." She smiled goofily at Sora and stepped forward, gently tugging on his hand as she glanced back at him. She would take advantage of the free meal at the party. Roxas kept his spot next to Namine, though his friends were still within sight. He stepped out of the way when two...things in costume ran by. The movement had him placing a hand on Namine's lower back, keeping her close. He couldn't--and wouldn't--lose her in this crowd.
  22. Kairi, touched by the promise and Sora’s grasp, looked to him with a faint smile. His hand was warm, comfortable, and familiar in this foreign setting. Last time girls hung all over him, but she doubted that would happen now. They were coupled up tonight.
  23. Lightning gazed at Riku for a moment as they approached the door to the house, music growing louder and cheers heard from inside. The porch wasn't littered with red solo cups just yet, but she would give it an hour. She nodded to someone mingling on the porch, a fellow classmate, but she otherwise kept her hold on Riku and stepped inside. Kairi fought the urge to grab Sora's hand as they got closer, though she did glance at him before following Riku and Lightning. She knew what to avoid this time around, as far as frat boys went. She didn't need a repeat of the previous disaster.
  24. Lightning lifted her hand and looped Riku's arm around her shoulders. "Easy, Riku. Don't make me put those cuffs on you already. The night's just started," she replied, smirk still in tact. His wit definitely added to his attractiveness. Kairi bit her lip in thought. The last time they went to a party like this, it didn't end well. Roxas got into a fight, Namine had a drink spilled on her, and girls hung all over Sora. She didn't want a repeat. "We can," she answered softly. "Just...stay close?" She didn't want any guys getting handsy with her, either.
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