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  1. Lightning lifted her hand and looped Riku's arm around her shoulders. "Easy, Riku. Don't make me put those cuffs on you already. The night's just started," she replied, smirk still in tact. His wit definitely added to his attractiveness. Kairi bit her lip in thought. The last time they went to a party like this, it didn't end well. Roxas got into a fight, Namine had a drink spilled on her, and girls hung all over Sora. She didn't want a repeat. "We can," she answered softly. "Just...stay close?" She didn't want any guys getting handsy with her, either.
  2. Lightning looked up at her boyfriend. "Guess that means I'll be keeping my eye on you all night," she told him with a smirk. Lucky me. Kairi walked beside Sora as they ventured to their destination. Their theme this year was couple costumes, but the group was all over the spectrum. Not that she minded; the costumes gave her experience with different designs, measurements, and fabric. But the best thing about the night was that she got to be coupled up with Sora.
  3. Lightning took the lead on this one. "This way," she encouraged, knowing where they were going. She lightly pulled on Riku's hand as she started in that direction. Could this be considered another one of their dates? Roxas glanced over at Lightning briefly, but he returned his gaze to Namine. He would have a hard time not staring tonight. He offered his arm to her. "Shall we, m'lady?" He would be right beside her.
  4. "You're welcome," Kairi replied with a smile and nod. She linked her hands behind her back, looking to Riku briefly at his call. Yes, she was ready. If Sora was. Her eyes found him again, catching that blush. He was seriously adorable right now. Roxas didn't answer Riku. He nearly moved his hand to sit on Namine's waist since she was so close, but he closed it into a fist to stop himself. He couldn't push it tonight, even if she did take his breath away.
  5. Kairi looked Sora over and couldn't help but hop a little in excitement. "You're so cute!" she couldn't help but tell him. While Sora's compliment flattered her and made her feel more confident in her outfit, she couldn't keep her eyes off of him. He had on glasses like hers and even drew in freckles! Roxas took in Namine's beauty while she was close, feeling her touch against his forehead. "Thank you," he said, both for the adjustment and her compliment. He didn't hide the fact that his eyes roamed her figure. "You look...incredible." Kairi went above and beyond for Namine's costume. Roxas didn't have to worry about looking like a fool in his costume, because everyone would be staring at Namine. "Mm," Lightning replied with a small nod. She kept her fingers twined with Riku's as she removed her sunglasses and tucked them into the dip in her shirt. She could see the others clearly now, and she had to smile. They all looked great.
  6. Kairi saw Sora once they got closer and she covered her mouth with her hands in awe. "Oh my goodness!" she squealed. He looked so cute! Roxas saw Riku and Lightning nearby, but he paid little attention to them; his eyes were on Namine--his goddess for the night, and she definitely didn't disappoint. Wow...he thought. She was...stunning. Lightning felt a blush forming, so she stood on her toes and kissed Riku on the lips to hide it. She had never been bashful, not until him. But...that wasn't necessarily a bad thing. He spoke as if he was in this for the long haul, and while she expected that to scare her...it didn't.
  7. Kairi agreed with a small nod. "Right." She waved for Namine to follow her, the girl starting out of their dorm room to meet the guys and Lightning. I wonder what Sora thinks of his costume...and what he'll think of mine. Roxas glared at the back of Sora's head but otherwise shut the door and started down the hall to meet up with the others. Lightning glanced down at the cuffs when he caught them. That line was cheesy, but it was cute all the same. "Hmph." She pushed herself away from the wall and stood close to him, her hands finding his sides. "As long as it's only mine," she countered. "Or I'll have to use these." She glanced down at the cuffs again before her eyes found his again. Riku's eyes stood out even more against his black mask. Even more hypnotizing.
  8. Kairi smiled. "Thank you," she nodded. She appreciated that compliment. "Should we get going? The boys should be about ready." There was a party on the campus grounds, much like the festival, but more of a Halloween bash. She was excited to check it out. Roxas chuckled. "Yeah sure. Let's go, nerd." The name fit, for obvious reasons. Lightning looked over at the whistle and smirked, catching the cuffs as they spun around her finger one last time. "I see a handsome robber who looks pretty guilty," she taunted flirtatiously. Despite his costume being pretty basic, he still looked good. Lightning seriously doubted Riku was capable of looking terrible; he was too hot for it to be possible.
  9. "And you," Kairi said, turning around to face her roommate, "look gorgeous. A goddess if there ever was one!" Kairi was proud of her creation; Namine's dress was classy, elegant, and a bit on the sexy side, but to her friend's comfort level. "Roxas is going to be drooling over you." Roxas rolled his eyes but otherwise finished with his costume, tying the ropes around his waist for a belt and putting on the gladiator shoes that went up to his calves. He also had a golden arm band and some kind of crown. What did Kairi call it? A laurel crown or something? Regardless, he looked himself over. "Well, it's definitely better than a diaper..." He wondered how Namine would look... "You can pull of the geeky look, though. New fashion statement?" he commented with a smirk, teasing. Lightning leaned against the wall outside Riku's room, one foot against the wall. She had an arm across her chest as she twirled her handcuffs with the other. The metal circled her finger as she watched other students walk by in costumes, though some just looked like lingerie to her. Her view was tinted due to her aviator sunglasses, even if it was nighttime, and she wore a police hat. Her costume wasn't really meant to be worn in the field--it was a jumper with short-shorts, boots, and quite a low cut. Kairi clearly went for a theme on this one. Thankfully it was long-sleeved to help fight the cold, though. And she had a belt around her waist so she didn't have to swing the cuffs around all night...
  10. One week later Kairi looked herself over once more in the mirror. Her hair was in low pigtails and she wore (fake) glasses, as well as her high school uniform and stockings. She dressed it up a bit, though, adding suspenders and knotting the shirt to show her stomach. She also undid a few buttons, making the look a bit more revealing. Considering it was college, and Halloween, she figured she could be a bit scandalous and get away with it. She and Sora were dressing up as nerds, and she couldn't wait to see how he looked. He's going to look adorable. Roxas felt a bit of dread upon seeing his costume on for the first time. "I can't believe Kairi made me this," he said to Sora. "A dress?" Well, the correct term was toga, but his comment still stood. He had more fabric that felt more like a scarf-cape combination that went with it, since he and Namine were dressing up as Greek gods.
  11. Kairi blinked at the gesture. But then she playfully rolled her eyes and stepped through, pulling her suitcase with her. "Such a gentleman," she teased softly. Sora was such a good guy. The girl who ended up with him would be lucky...
  12. "Mm," Kairi hummed as they walked. She absently fingered the seashell pendant Sora gave her. She wondered...did he not like her like...that? Every time they got close--so close--he broke it off. Maybe waiting isn't good enough, she thought. Waiting on him seemed...lonely. Was Noel a step in the right direction? Was she better off pursuing other guys and only remaining friends with Sora?
  13. That’s what you said the last time... Kairi lowered her gaze from Sora’s and took her hand back, stepping out of his hold. She turned to grasp the handle of her suitcase and then looked to him. Right, she thought. Of course they would need to get back. It was late after all. Kairi tucked her hair when a breeze came by, the girl starting forward wordlessly.
  14. Kairi smiled a little at the way Sora said her name. It always sounded better laced with his smooth tone. She wasn’t sure what he wanted to say, but she would listen. Especially since Sora looked...sad? Maybe disappointed. But why?
  15. "Sure," Kairi replied, her voice a murmur as she gazed at him. She ran her thumb along Sora's cheek slightly, appreciating the warmth of his hand atop hers. This was how it was supposed to be, wasn't it? Just her and him, together, like this... Everything in her told her they were fated to be together, no matter what. But...nothing had happened to really support that. Not in reality.
  16. Kairi placed her hand on Sora's cheek at the words, unable to help it. "Sora, you're anything but ordinary," she assured him with a soft smile. "Trust me." He was...incredible. Riku had his own accomplishments, but so did Sora. He and Riku weren't the same, but that was a good thing.
  17. Kairi nodded. "Is that so hard to believe?" she asked with a small laugh, appreciating this close proximity while it lasted. Sora may not have been thinking the same thing, but...she would while she could. She was sure he saw other girls around campus that caught his eye, other girls he wanted to... Kairi stopped her train of thought, not wanting to ruin this moment. She could think more on that when she was in her room.
  18. Kairi smiled weakly at that held tilt. How cute could he be, without even trying? "No. I'm just..." She moved her hands to sit on his shoulders. "...I'm just admiring you." He'd grown up, and a lot of that had happened while he was away from the Islands. Away from her. The memory made her sad, but...he was with her now. She got to see him grow more as a person every day.
  19. Kairi pulled back slightly, just enough that she could look at the young man who held her. And that was exactly what he was--a young man. No longer was Sora the boy she grew up with on the islands. His childish cheeks were gone, replace by a slim, fit face with a sharper jawline. He stood a few inches taller than her now, to where she had to look up at him every time she wanted to see his pretty blue eyes. His body was firm, toned, sculpted from his adventures over the past few years. Kairi knew he was handsome, even if Sora didn't see it himself. But...his heart attracted her most. He was selfless, and kind, and compassionate. Kairi knew he was a catch. Every girl on this campus talked about him at least once, much to her jealousy.
  20. "Me too," Kairi murmured, resting the side of her head against Sora's. His spikes tickled her skin lightly with a faint breeze. He was warm in the chilly air, so she kept her hold on him. To feel his arms around her frame like this was comforting, safe. She liked it. Sora felt like home...
  21. Sora's smooth voice touched Kairi in a way that had her wrapping her arms around him. "Thank you," she said near his ear, her arms around his neck as she held him close. This gift wasn't necessary, but she appreciated it all the same. It was truly beautiful, and coming from Sora, even more special. "You're the best."
  22. Kairi looked down at the pendant, fingering it lightly. She giggled softly. Yes, it did fit well. It settled against her chest just below her teardrop necklace she'd had since she was little. "It's perfect," she agreed.
  23. Kairi nodded a little and carefully lifted the necklace out of the box. She handed it to Sora and then turned, gathering her hair as she kept her back to him. She closed her eyes at how sweet this moment was. She would treasure this.
  24. Kairi felt tears well her eyes. Not because she was sad, of course, but because she was touched by this gift. And Sora's words. She fingered the shell delicately. "It's beautiful..." she whispered, looking up at the boy with moist eyes. She couldn't believe he would go so far as to purchase this for her. All the munny he must have spent... Kairi didn't believe she was worth it. But Sora did.
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