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  1. This is so beautiful!! I wish I had gotten the special edition PS4 now but I couldn't afford it. I almost wish they could sell this theme on the PS store on it's own. Although I'm currently using the 358/2 days theme that you can unlock after finishing the game and I have to say it's so sweet hearing the KH menu sound effects whilst just browsing through my PS4!
  2. Yes but not live action as the actors wouldn't be very good. I think that it should be like Final Fantasy: Advent Children. That was awesome ^_^
  3. I have: T-shirt with Sora on it, KH heart necklace, KH 1, KH 2 KH 358/2 days KH bbs collecters edition (oh yeah ) KH re:coded Kh 1 manga KH chain of memories manga (all of it) KH ds sticker and KH badges. Most of these were from eBay or shops where i live. But i dont care where they came from i love them!! x3
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