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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. Bly, Belusair and the other were curious as to where and when they should begin their fight against Xehanort. "Ok, does anybody know where the XIII Darkness' are hiding?" asked Jake. "Who knows, could be a while before we find them." said Belusair. "So, does anybody have any clues as to where they are?" Allen asked no one in particular.
  2. "Oh, i'll help you win this war, and i'll personally take out Xehanort to prove it." said Bly. "You're not in this alone father, we're all with you." said Theo. "Agreed, none of us can fight alone this time, the XIII Darkness' will do everything they can to divide us, they succeed, they win, we have to remain united, i speak from experience." said Belusair.
  3. (Edited) "Right, it's about time we got to bust some heads of those guys." said Jake. "May i ask, do we get to fight villains of the other worlds while we're at it?" asked Elizabeth. "Hmm, good point, i wanna have a 'Chat' with Hades." said Jake. "Stay focused you two, we can settle personal scores when this is over." said Belusair. "Right, but first....." said Bly. "Yen Sid, i must ask that you forgive my actions all those years ago, i was blinded by power and strength." said Bly.
  4. "Well, to answer your question, me, Theo and Jason are guardians of light, the two that look like monsters are Jake and Elizabeth." said Allen. "Keyblade Master Belusair, at your service." said Belusair. "Name's Bly, as for looking like a type of heartless, i got someone whose name begins with X to thank for that." said Bly. Everyone in Allen's group then looked towards Sora. "Count us in for this mission, Keyblade Wielders stick together." said Belusair. "Master Yen Sid, it's good to see you again as well." said Jason.
  5. (Hey guys, i'm finally back, this is gonna be a short ost, just to get me back on track) Bly, Belusair and the others finally arrived to where everyone else was, and decided that they should figure out what was going down. "Hey guys, what'd we miss? we going after Organization XIII yet?" asked Allen. "I hope so, i've got a score to settle with Xehanort." said Bly. The others waited for the info on what they were up to and where they were going.
  6. Belusair and the others were watching the fight while thinking of a plan. "Hey guys, i got an idea.....me, Elizabeth and Belusair will go and take on Darts, while the rest of you take on Ainz." said Allen. "Oh, sure, you guys get all the fun while we get that insane bozo." said Bly. "Just do it!" said Allen. Everyone then divided and headed to their areas. "Hey, Ainz, looking for a fight?" called Bly as he and his group got into their fighting stances, while Allen, Elizabeth and Belusair were heading for Darts.
  7. (Hey guys, sorry for not posting, was away for the weekend, could someone fill me in?)
  8. "Well, come on, i'm not gonna let them have all the fun." said Bly as he took off. "Man, he's fast for an old man." said Belusair as he took off as well, followed by the others. "So, what do ya think we'll run into when we get there?" asked Jason. "Who knows, but, we should be prepared for everything, and anything." said Allen. Everyone continued following Alsgard to where he was leading them.
  9. "Well, since we're here, should we join in the fight?" asked Belusair. "Hmm, let's just wait for Alsgard to tell us what we should do, i don't wanna run into a fight blind." said Jake. "Says the hotheaded brother." said Elizabeth. "(Sigh) Teenagers." said Bly. "Will you guys cut it out......we're in the middle of something here!" said Allen. Everyone was now considering when they should jump into the fight.
  10. "Hey, Alsgard....mind telling me what the heck a Jadro is?" asked Belusair. The others were also curious about this creature, seeing as all they've ever fought were heartless and various other beasts. "Hey Allen, i forgot to ask, mind giving me the run down of what i missed in my travels?" asked Bly. "Hmm, the short version, Treasure Town disappeared, the D.B.P.K. came along and we've been fighting them since." said Allen. Belusair was waiting for Alsgard to answer his question about the Jadro.
  11. "You guys can take him down, but i must request that the finishing blow comes from me, Xehanort loves the power of darkness so much, then it will be his undoing." said Bly. "Man, dad really doesn't like this guy, does he?" asked Allen. "What was your first clue?" asked Theo. "Hey, Alsgard, how do we outsmart Xehanort when we start hunting him?" asked Elizabeth.
  12. "Alsgard, you're not the only one with a score to settle with Xehanort." said Bly.
  13. Bly and the others were still watching the fights with Alsgard, though Jake was getting a little edge-y. "Man, what is with this Ainz guy, making us wait this long for a fight?!" shouted Jake. "Hey, knock it off, you'll need all of your energy.....hothead." said Jason. "Hey, it's not my fault, i was trapped in the underworld on Olympus Colosseum, Hades was a real pain in the neck." said Jake. "Hey, Alsgard, how do you think everyone is doing?" asked Bly.
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