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  1. I'd love to buy it, but my parents wouldn't let me buy something online from someone I don't know
  2. Oh yeah, I forgot about the Tron thing. That was also really sad.
  3. When Sora sees Roxas and tells him he deserves to be his own person. I think this is the first time we see that Sora actually cares about Roxas as his friend, and doesn't just see Roxas as his Nobody. And if the main character thinks Roxas should be his own person, than he probably will be, which fills me with tears of joy.
  4. Congratulations to Jamaica on winning the 4 x 100m relay, and to the US for not dropping the baton winning silver. And my deepest sympathies go out to the Canadians, who were told they won bronze and celebrated it, only to find out a few minutes later that they had been disqualified. We just seem to have the worst luck. Also congratulations to my new favourite diver, Tom Daley, on the bronze medal. Just look at him.
  5. I wonder why they'd change the name for one country? Anyways, yeah, the music is great. During the season finale of LoK, when she went into the Avatar state and the music from the original series played. That was just so amazing.
  6. Will Riku ever get Ansem/Xehanort's Heartless out of his heart?! In every game, Riku has to deal with Ansem being in his heart, usually resulting in a boss fight. But it seems no matter how many times Riku defeats him, he's still in Riku's heart! It seems like Riku will never be free of Ansem!
  7. Is it weird that I don't think Namine is going to be saved? She never really had "pain" like the others who need to be saved, and they've never mentioned her in the games as needing to be saved. In fact it was actually her (or at least the digital version of her) who let Mickey know who needed to be saved.
  8. lizzie1238

    YouTube :/

    Is there any other way to upload it? When I make videos, I upload them straight to YouTube from movie maker which means I don't have do deal with YouTube's uploader. I don't think I've ever used it.
  9. Okay, now I'm stuck on the secret cup, the enemies use so many high cards at once! Wtf do I do?!
  10. Thanks, I've found blocking helps a lot. And many times I have to use 3 cards at once.
  11. I can't get ryu dragon. I don't have the right dream pieces
  12. I keep getting c-ranks. I don't know how to play better. Any tips? I'm using tyranto rex, zolephant and meow wow.
  13. First they need to save Aqua, who will lead them to Ven. Then together they'll help rescue Terra. Roxas and Xion will probably be saved later on after they devise some way to give them their own hearts. Or who knows, maybe releasing Ven's heart to save him will cause Roxas to come out too, idk.
  14. I didn't know you could just make any dream eater s-rank. I thought it was only the ones from AR cards lol.
  15. Is that possible? When I fought Ansem it was impossible for me to drop. I guess you must not have fought Sora's final boss yet. If you fight Sora's boss first, he gets locked out and you can only play as Riku.
  16. I have Balloon and Balloonga, I never really liked them though. How do you get Balloonra?
  17. Still need the right dream eater pieces to make him...
  18. Sounds cool. I could use a refresher on BBS and KH1. Especially KH1, it's been AGES since I played through it.
  19. Personally, I love Final Fantasy X. You could either try to find a used PS2 copy or wait for the HD remaster for PS3 and Vita. I've hardly played any of VII, but it seems to be very popular and highly requested for a remake. You can get it on the Playstation store. If you have a PSP, there's Dissidia and Crisis Core, which both have gameplay more similar to KH than other FF games, and I've heard both are great.
  20. In the game it says Sora can get superglide. I only have glide for him, where can I find superglide?
  21. I just went back and read the May 10 interview, it actually didn't say Yen Sid did the ceremony with Lea. It said he helped train him but nothing about the ceremony.
  22. Oh my god. How did I not notice that?! Ven must have accidentally passed down the Keyblade to Lea, like Aqua did to Kairi! I always thought that Yen Sid had done the ceremony to Mickey. If he did it to Lea, where did Mickey get his Keyblade from???
  23. Yeah, I don't understand why they did it that way. They should have just finished the Hollow Bastion scene and then showed them in the Gummi ship.
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