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  1. This guys are so abnoxious! I first saw them jumping around in the second district in Traverse Town. I wasn't sure about them because I had never seen them before, but it is Final Mix so new Heartless and all. Don't let them see you cuz if they do, they'll repeatedly attack you with their sling shots. I learned that the hard way. . .
  2. Hells no! That's one of the best parts of the game! Maybe not the most exciting but very touching, sad, and tragic.
  3. I had my brother beat all the bosses for me because I was so scared! My heart would beat so fast and I felt like my life was on the line. I was so little. Proabably like 7 or 8. Funny stuff.
  4. You crazy O-O! In my opinion this is one of the best games in the franchise. Its Probably close second with DDD leading. Sorry, but no one agrees. =T
  5. i tastes delicious! You know you can find a recipe online? Its pretty easy too.
  6. Well when I first met the organization it was in CoM. and to be honest I thought they were pretty Badass. I didn't really know of there intentions...
  7. It defiantely wasn't a coincidence, and what your considering might be so, but the organization knew that Sora held Ven's heart. Just another step in their plan i guess?
  8. Radiant garden defiantely and Twilight Town. If I weren't to pick from KH based worlds then beasts castle or Timeless River.
  9. Meh.. I personaly am a fan of Vanitas and Aqua. Terra and Aqua is ok...
  10. Ya there's just so many possible options that it would take forever. So if you have other sggestions just post in a comment. I put the ones up there that I kinda appreciated .. Sorry...
  11. I completley agree with you! Yes the graphics are bad and there are a lot of bubble scenes, but the story between these three friends is tear jerking and is definately one of the more tragic. It made my love for Roxas stronger and my love for the new charcters xion and axel came alive.
  12. I'm actually really really shocked to here this. I have quit a few friends who love kingdom hearts and they all say that BBS is probably the best installment of the game. I agree, I mean this is the game where you actually find out the most about the kingdom hearts franchise. And the characters are so awesome! And vary emotional part of KH. Aqua, Terra, and Ventus show the strength of friendship. Aqua went to great lengths to prtect her friends. Now that I think of it so did Terra and Ventus.
  13. Honestly, whoever says that KH2 was the hardest just needs to level up a bit. And Kh1. . ya it was kinda challenging the first time you play but once you beat it once, its very very easy the next time as long as you just level up as you go along through the worlds. KHCOM was the hardest to me because the cards were challenging, being that no other kingdom hearts game was like that. So it was very new to the Kingdom hearts series.
  14. Yes Hades is a Villain in Kingdom hearts but He is not a main villain. I didn't ask for Disney villain I asked for Kingdom Hearts Villain Maleficent is an exception because she is a main protagonist.
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